These Songs Have Become the Youth Anthems of Their Respective Times

Songs that became the youth anthems

Songs that became the youth anthems – We always want to time-travel to the days of Lucky Ali, K.K, Shaan, Sonu Nigan, Viva and Euphoria when their songs become youth anthems as soon as releasing.

Those were the chartbusters we played on the loop on our audio-cassettes and kept humming in our way to school.

Then there were Bombay Vikings and Bombay rockers who always presented us with their soulful numbers sans the sexual innuendos (ref: Channe ke khet me) however, those days are long gone by but their music remained with us.

No words can describe how satisfactory it us to hear them sing, the songs gave us goosebumps that none of this time can.

So, we will take you down the memory lane and name a few Songs that became the youth anthems – songs that made for perpetuating youth anthems.

Songs that became the youth anthems –

Kya Soorat Hai-Bombay Vikings:

This song was the cycle-stalkers’ favourite who would sing them to their beloved for wooing. This song was a peppy one but perfect for praising the beautiful features of a woman. It was from Bombay Vikings and they completely nailed it back then.

Tanhaa dil- Shaan:
This song still makes our eyes well-up with tears. The young blood is always on the boil with the spirit to bring a change. Their eyes are reservoir of dreams that they seek to materialize someday and this song set that tone perfectly. Shaan was at his best here and this will be a benchmark song of his career.

Made in India-Alisha Chinai:

This song was not limited to a certain time frame and spanned generations for being a massive hit of that time. A World-trotting princess seeking to settle for an Indian heart that will hold her there forever is the theme of the song and Alisha has completely fared it with the modish tonality of her voice.

Purani Jeans- K.K:

No wonder K.K was a youth icon of that time. His songs resonated with the sentimentalities of the young guns and this song is completely relevant to the frustration of a sycophantic corporate man whose heart belongs to his college days.


Hum Naye Geet Sunaye-VIVA:

VIVA was the all-girls band that we still miss. This song was the youth anthem of that time for obvious reasons. The young generation always vie for something new and exciting and the song puts that zeal in words.

Deewana Tera- Sonu Nigam:

This oh-so-romantic song touched our weak nerves. And to top that, there was Sonu’s irresistible voice. Every girl wants to be treated like a princess by their lover and this song made their wait for Mr.Right more painstaking.

Deewane-Shweta Shetty:

This song tells you how a girl enjoys the attention of her fans still feigns annoyance. The Nakhre she has leaves the lover-boys weak on their nerves. Shweta Shetty was a badass lady who took the Hindi indipop scene to superlatives as soon as she emerged in popularity with this song.

Kabhi ana tu meri gali- Euphoria:

Palash Sen was the national crush back then and Euphoria was the common favourite of teenagers for their youth-oriented romantic numbers. This song was one of their musical geniuses that still make us smile.

These are the Songs that became the youth anthems – We feel so nostalgic to remember these songs, do you feel too? So go to YouTube already!

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