Sonu Nigam Sings for Atharva Foundation’s Music Video ‘Bhool Na Jaana’ Which Leaves Us All Emotional

Atharva Foundation has put the best feet forward to welcome the ‘Real Unsung Heroes’ by organizing a program which is captioned as ‘One for all, all for one’. Atharva foundation is of the belief that empowering the smaller sections of the society leads to the overall growth of the nation.

This noble thought is slowly gaining momentum as they have gone the extra mile to recognize and felicitate Indian soldiers, who belittle their lives before their duty for the nation and its people. Our fearsome warriors have no qualms in laying down their lives to safeguard our interest, the national property and to give us peaceful sleep during the night while they freeze in the Siachen glacier, keeping a probing eye on the enemy.

After all, it takes a strong heart to volunteer for serving the country when they know that death is inevitable. The standout initiative is envisaged and conceptualized by Shri Sunil Rane, Chairman of Atharva Foundation. They have now come up with their new music video which features Sonu Nigam to reach out to the common masses because music can do what dry words can’t.

Sonu Nigam is one of the leading singers of the nation for his soul-stirring voice and years of contribution to Indian music. Sonu, apart from enriching the contemporary Bollywood music, some of which have become youth anthems, showed some serious singing chops in Indian Classical and left the nation doting on him.

This music video speaks volumes being a painful reminder of the predicaments our national heroes pass through. There have been many instances when their sacrifices were forgotten but we should acknowledge the fact that no sacrifice made for the interest of the nation should be forgotten, big or small. It’s not only the soldiers, but their families too condition their minds that their children may be martyred in the battlefield and yet they send them off to serve the motherland smilingly. No loss is as taxing as parents losing their child but the parents of our soldiers have set examples many times by even sending their second son to the battlefield after losing their firstborn while fighting for the nation.

This video also pays heartfelt tribute to the heroes like Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who died defending his country against the terrorists in 26/11 Mumbai attack, Colonel Niranjan Kumar, a member of NSG’s bomb-disposal squad, who died during defusing a grenade after the Pathankot terror attack, martyrs of Uri attack and many other likes of them through music.

Check out the music video here:

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