Top 5 Reasons Why This Is Not The Time To Get Rid Of Your Desktop!

Why this is not the time to get rid of your desktop for latest gadgets and why one should not write it off completely.

With the arrival of smartphones, tablets, and hi-tech notebooks at affordable prices, it is quite tempting to do away with an old desktop.

There is also no denying that these small and portable devices with their excellent offerings can easily replace computers.

Nevertheless, a desktop has still a lot going for it, particularly for power users and those working on high-end programs.

What’s more, even today, desktops are the most economical gadgets as compared to laptops & notebooks.

Listed below are 5 reasons why it’s best to hold on to a computer for some more time:     

  1. High Processor

With an aim to save battery, smartphones run on low-power processors and thus fail to deliver heavy computing tasks. Tablets, on the other hand, are mighty gadgets, but when it comes to high-end applications, they do not match the performance rendered by desktops. This happens primarily because desktops come loaded with high processors that are apt for serious gaming and other complex tasks.

  1. More Secure

A major concern while using small devices is the risk of hacking and loss of critical data. Owing to their portability and small build, smartphones and tablets are prone to getting lost or misplaced. Of course, there is cloud computing for storage of data, but universal access also brings with it security issues. Desktops control usage and offer more secure options for safety of data and the device itself.

  1. Easier to Upgrade

Another advantage of still sticking to an old desktop is that it is easily repairable and upgradeable. For instance, if a graphic designer needs more storage to save large files, he may opt for multiple internal hard drives. Mobile phones and tablets do not offer the facility of being upgraded.

  1. True Computing Experience

While the touch-screen technology seems to have bowled us over, the delight of working on programs such as photoshop, AutoCAD, and other designing applications can only be derived by using a dedicated mouse and full-blown keyboard. Small devices offer mere compromises of the actual computing experience.

  1. Longer Life-span

Mobile phones and tablets have a short life span. Once bought, the owner needs to stick with the technology and wait for a later period to invest again in a new model or brand. Desktops last longer as compared to most of their counter-parts.

If space is not an issue, desktop is the best way to avail the most satisfied computing performance at the lowest price.

Nevertheless, the final decision also depends upon the user’s requirements. If the owner requires a device for fetching emails, surfing the net, viewing photos, watching movies, and other daily simple cyber-tasks, phones and tablets will just work fine.  


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