Meet This Woman Having Rare Condition And Is Allergic To Almost Everything Including Her Husband!

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), have you ever heard of this?!

If no, then here it is. Mast Cell Activation Syndrome that is generally referred to as a disorder that is caused due to release of excessive chemicals by the mast cells that leads to chronic symptoms in the person.

And the various problems that arise out of this disorder are dermatological, neurological, respiratory and cardiovascular, visionary issues, nausea.

Hearing all this is just so painful and what could it be up with the ones who are suffering from it and their families who extremely helpless, just watching their loved one getting screwed by MCAS

Here we have a woman named Johanna Watkins who suffers from this syndrome. The women who suffers from this syndrome, is also extreme to everything including her parents and husband  Man more could be sad than this. Worst part is this lady is allergic to her parents as well, her siblings are only ones she is not allergic to thank God.

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Having those cells releasing the wrong type of chemicals into her body, leaving her secluded from the beautiful life and of course her husband who love her unconditionally. And the saddest part is that she finds it extremely allergic to even smells like the food that her neighbors cook. She is allergic to everything.

But now I really wonder how she can escape from just breathing air that has got different fragrances, odors. We get to see that the women lives at her friend’s place in a room that has got completely sealed doors and windows. And guess the type of food that she survives – nothing but the basics like cucumbers, carrots, chuck roast, and ground lamb. Juices?! No, she can only drink some pure water.  My god!! Does she at least get to see the sun  Yes, but only when she comes out to see her doctor at the hospital.

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Interesting the women got so loving husband, who loves her unconditionally that they live in same home, where customized a room for her exclusively that consisted of heated furniture that sets the allergies at bay. Aww, he is such a sweet isn’t it!! The couple gets into a conversation over Skype. Such lovelies they are. This is eternal love from many years they are trying to live together but not successful yet, heart breaking.  Thankfully couple stays at same house but share different rooms. But he can’t hug her safely.

Get well soon, dear!! We really wish you could lead a happy life away from toxins of those cells and so close to your loving hubby!

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