These 7 Steps Will Help You Buy Right SmartPhone That Gives Value For Your Money

There are certain aspects which one needs to analyze before buying a smartphone. We present a few pointers that will assist you in making the right call on your new phone.

With multitudinous smartphones screaming for your attention, it is pretty much a cumbersome task to skim through all the varieties and decide on that perfect buy.

After all, your smartphone will be your best buddy during the next few months; hence, being picky is the mantra for buying a new phone.  Choosing the best smartphone primarily depends upon the user’s expectations from the device. Some may use the phone for browsing net and editing documents, while others may wish to play games, listen to music, click lots of images, and watch videos.

SmartPhone Buying Guide: Below is a list of things to consider before buying a SmartPhone

1. Operating System

Today the market offers an array of operating systems, but topping the list are Android, Apple’s IOS, and Windows Phone. While Android is the most versatile of the lot, the other two are no slouch either. The IOS is premium & sophisticated, and Windows Phone also offers a dynamic interface.

2. Screen Size & Quality

While screen size may depend upon the user’s prerogative, it is imperative to check the display’s brightness, sharpness, viewing angles, and whether the phone is capable of offering a right balance of screen quality and size. A big display size having low ppi of 200 may not render great videos. Again, low pixels resolution may result in fuzzy images, whereas screens bearing 1080p or 720p may deliver fantastic image quality.

3. Processor & RAM

These two specs determine how the phone will perform during loading of apps, switching between apps, playing games, editing videos, and multitasking. For HD game fanatics, the latest & advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor coupled with 2 gigs of RAM will suffice. Meanwhile, users who want the phone for mere telephonic functions and surfing internet, may opt for a dual core processor and 512 MB of RAM.

4. Storage & Expansion

A great specced device is of no good if it doesn’t possess ample storage options. One must focus on getting enough internal storage with an option to expand it further, thus ensuring adequate space to store apps, music, photos, and videos.  

5. Camera

The perfect camera-smartphone is not just about the megapixels, there are other important factors too, such as, optical zoom, optical image stabilization, color reproduction, aperture, shutter speed resolution, and control on camera settings. A camera with low megapixels coupled with optical zoom may produce better results as compared to a higher megapixel camera which lacks optical zoom and/or optical image stabilization.

6. Battery Life

Compromising on this aspect may prove disastrous. Anything close to 3,000 mAh or above is fabulous.

7. Price

Making use of price comparison sites and conducting a comprehensive research helps in grabbing the device at the best price.

Apart from these above-mentioned tips on buying a smartphone, one shouldn’t forget that brand trust is also an essential aspect. Nevertheless, the final decision will always revolve around the usage pattern and requirements of the user.

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