The Future Of Life Is In Your Palm!


Hey wait!

Before you start thinking that I’m talking about palmistry or astrology or any of such things, I’m not!

I’m talking about the new powerful tool everyone seems to be acquiring these days that fits into your hand and gives you the power to change the future of life and even the world!

Yes, it is the smart phone that has changed our lives drastically and is becoming the magic wand in the hands of everyone who possesses it. I’m sure you know the various features it possesses like the high resolutions camera, a lot of storage capacity, amazing sound quality, mapping capacity and what not. However, all this is happening today, but what’s in store for the future is going to blow your mind off! That is something, which will change how we live!

Let me bring to you some of the phenomenal changes taking place in the world of smart phones that will alter the way we do things soon enough in the future:

1) Iris Control

Just like fingerprints, we all have a different signature of our irises. This is now being used in a smart phone to ensure that no one gets access to it except the owner. This can save a lot of bank frauds in case your phone gets stolen! Also, all your secrets on the phone will remain secret unless you unlock it using your eyes!


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