Why This 100 Year Old Woman Is Stronger Than All Of Us !

100 Year Old Woman

At the end of every day and at the start of every morning, we all feel life is so hard and wonder why can’t there be no work.

In fact, we have been thinking that since we were going to school.

Living in our own comfort zones with all things we need, we still feel life is tough.

The reason is lack of motivation. No  matter what it is and how it goes, we have been so pampered in life that we forget what hard work truly means for some people in different corners of the world. And if you feel you are too tired to go to work daily even at the age of 25, you need to look at this woman.

This 100 Year Old Woman is travels all the way from her house to this road, just to sell a few berries. She sits their whole day in a corner of the road and sells berries just to earn 50-100 rupees a day if she gets lucky. She has seen life like none of us and she still believes that hope is what we all can have at the least.

This famous philanthropist called Varun Purthi, went on to help this 100 Year Old Woman and she broke into tears when she saw that he is going to buy all her berries and is giving advance order too. When asked who gives her so much strength at such an age, 100 Year Old Woman gave the credit to God.

I was mesmerized to see how strong this woman is even after dealing with so many struggles of life.

How this woman has kept her faith and hasn’t lost her dignity.

She is not asking for money or begging for food, she is working hard every day just to earn what she deserves. If you need a little motivation too, you need to watch this video of hers. I am sure, you will be inspired to work harder and stop blaming life for anything.

So, do you still think life is unfair to you? Think again!

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