These Scary Hallucination Stories Will Give You Sleepless Nights For Sure!

Hallucination Stories – What is Hallucination? It is an experience involving the apparent perception of something not present. Hallucination is common & is experienced by many people. No doubt, it is indeed dangerous as when it happens it freaks you out entirely. In hallucination, our mind forces us to experience something dangerous through our senses that isn’t really there. Even though it is seen as a common thing, many experience it in a worst way.

In a way that when told, it can leave the inexperienced one scared too. Here are scariest hallucination stories shared by Redditors & read them on your own risk.

  • I was pretty knocked out on all sorts of antidepressants and sleep meds, I was seeing this dark black shadow of a man in the corner of my bedroom who kept shifting around my bedroom trying to get me yet he couldn’t touch me. I was absolutely terrified to the point I threw out everything that was black in my room to help stop seeing him. And before someone had to calm me down till I stopped crying, it really was awful.
  • I had the kind that would sort of feel like a lucid dream at first. I would just be lying there, totally aware of my surroundings and situation, and I would start hearing sounds inside my head, like a buzzing. It would start out soft, then slowly grow louder until it sounded like hundreds of voices screamingat the top of their lungs. I learned over time that I could interrupt the process before the voices reached a certain pitch and force myself awake, but after they started screaming, I was locked into it and would have to ride it out. The voices would reach a fever pitch and then just stop. At that point, there would be something in the room with me. The voices stopping would mean it had arrived. The few times I was able to wrestle my eyes open, I saw the shadow of a man in a hat and a trench coat standing either at my bedroom door or at the foot of my bed, just looking at me. He was kind of 2-dimensional and see-thru. I never really got the feeling that he meant me any harm, but I was still terrified. After a few seconds, I would snap awake and usually flail out of bed and onto the floor.
  • I hallucinate quite frequently, but this probably the worst to date: I borderline overdose on a bunch of substances and the next day as I was coming off of it and sleep deprived I hallucinated a dead toddler on my couch.
  • I’ll go with a very vivid hallucination, one from sleep paralysis. I saw a zombie climb onto my chest, saw it’s mouth open and heard it’s moan/growl as it moved to take a bite. I felt it’s teeth dig into my flesh and felt the muscles tear, the tendons snap, my blood pour down my chest. It wasn’t “painful” just a sensation of the feeling. I could see the hole in my chest, could see the zombies dead eyes stare at me. I knew I had to be hallucinating but it was still disturbing.
  • I was being dragged to the bottom of my bed, by my ankles. My mouth was sewn (like melted together) shut.
  • My first attempt at a breakthrough I was met with a hallucination of a woman, initially in black and white, dancing around. I was curious so I tried to infer her purpose – why was I seeing her? All of a sudden all the white in my hallucination turned into a deep blood red and she became hostile. All I could feel was the deep fear of a flight response. I knew I needed to turn back, so I came back to reality.

I came across one more hallucination story that is seriously very scary. To read, click here.

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