These Mobile Phones Will Blow Your Mind In 2017

mobile phones coming in 2017

Mobile phones coming in 2017 – Changing phones after every year or two has become a trend for all of us these days.

And if by the end of 2016, you thought of buying a new phone after 2017 begins, then you did the right thing. I am sure you know that like every other year, you will have a bunch of phones lined up for you in 2017 too. Guess what? There are not just one or two but many mobile phones coming up this year that will blow your mind.

So, here are the top 5 mobile phones coming in 2017 :

Mobile phones coming in 2017 –

1 – Apple iPhone 8 and 8+

As the 10th anniversary of tech-giant Apple comes closer, it is all set to launch an amazing iPhone series that will surprise the buyers like never before. With some brand new changes in the hardware and the design, it will make yet another record of the iPhones. It will resemble to a single sheet of glass and sleeker than any of the phones in this world. There will be a touch ID scanner and the home button will also not be there.

2 – Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge

Though Samsung has been criticized for its S7 edge model, it is all set to make quite a comeback with S8 Edge. The flat version of S8 might get dropped and only the curvy edge one will be released. In fact, the screen resolution will also be updated to 4K. S8 will be equipped with Exynos chipset for better power, and possibly a Snapdragon 835 version as well.

3 – Nokia D1C

Nokia is making a comeback yet again with two new models and D1C is going to be the key player. It is going to be a mid-range phone with a Snapdragon 430 chipset an Ultra HD display that comes in two different size – 5.2 and 5.5-inches. Unlike its previous phones, this offers a better body and camera too.

4 – HTC Ocean

HTC has already given us some really good phones in the past and it is set to come back with a bang yet again. There has been no official announcement for this phone, but a video was leaked on twitter that showed this phone will have no buttons and some new ways of interaction that is sure to change the way we use phones.

5 – One Plus 5

You might be wondering where is One Plus 4 but looks like the makers have decided to skip straight to 5. It will be of a glass body rather than ceramic and promises better features than the last version. One Plus is known to use different variables like it did in ‘X’ and they have made the buzz to bring another surprise soon.

These are the mobile phones coming in 2017 – There are so many phones right here in front of you too choose from, just make your decision right.

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