7 Lenses For Your iPhone That Will Make It Better Than It Ever Was


Capturing and sharing photographs is easy, quick, and fun with the iPhone.

Nonetheless, regardless of how great iPhone’s camera is, it doesn’t approach a top of the line proficient cameras.

Gratefully, there are some splendid camera and photograph applications that will help you amplify the usefulness of your iPhone.

How would you want to take HD pictures or zoom in on a distant object for an incredible photograph? Might you want to make the iPhone camera on a par with your DSLR?

Well, there’s no applications for that.

Be that as it may, you do have a choice: get an iPhone camera or a lense kit to transform your phone into an effective, generally useful camera. Without a doubt, they make your iPhone look somewhat fun, yet they additionally make the photos look great.

So, here are some of those lenses that you need to buy for your iPhone.

  1. Neewer 12.5X Magnifier Zoom Lens

In the event that you are searching for a zoom lens to take pictures of distant things, this lens is awesome. It encourages micro focused settings, making it more outlandish for pictures to seem distorted. On the drawback, it does exclude a tripod or different extras.


  1. VicTsing Detachable Red Fisheye Lens

This is a basic lens that is easy to attach to your iPhone through a cord. It has a 180-degree fisheye lens. You can catch little questions in detail utilizing this iPhone lens. On the off chance that you are pondering whether it is advantageous to take pictures with the help of an iPhone lens or not, you can begin with this reasonable alternative. Likewise, this is one of the many alternatives that give fisheye lens, which is convenient to keep in your hand or pocket.

VicTsing Detachable Red Fisheye Lens

  1. Dot for iPhone

Dot is a mix of application and equipment that makes taking and sharing pictures simple. For photographic artists who are truly into 360-degree pictures, this is a must have application. Also, Dot is anything but difficult to attach to the iPhone, and has an appealing outline. The negative is in the lens, which isn’t as prepared to do brilliant pictures as some different alternatives down here.

Dot for iPhone

  1. Photojojo Lenses

The Photojojo Lens Set incorporates five unique lenses: fisheye, super fisheye, telephoto, micro and wide and polarizer. You can experiment with any one, or every one of them. A metal ring adheres to the phone, and you can join any of the lenses to it, attractively. With Photojojo’s simple outline, you can transform your iPhone into an expert camera in seconds.

Photojojo Lenses

  1. Phocus 3 Lens Bundle

This package accompanies three lenses: macro, wide angle and telephoto. It likewise incorporates a case that guarantees simple access to all ports and buttons. The best thing about this package is the outline: it fits cozily in the hand and makes the way toward taking photographs with iPhone hassle free.

Phocus 3 Lens Bundle

  1. PhoGo Case Kit, Lens and Sunhood

In the event that your point is to transform your iPhone into an entire camera, this package has everything. A great sun hood for better screen visibility, and three excellent lenses. The best part is that it is perfect with various brands of lenses and tripods. The drawback is its size. It’s not the best option in the event that you are basically searching for some portable lens.

PhoGo Case Kit, Lens and Sunhood

  1. MCamLite

With its 37mm wide angle lens, MCamLite really augments the usefulness of your iPhone camera. Its compatible focal points make the task of shooting photographs simpler. The lofty cost might be a negative for a few, yet the advantages exceed.


These are the photograph applications that will enhance the quality of your photos. So, who needs a camera when they have an iPhone and these amazing lenses to complete a fun filled shoot for them.

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