These Apps Let You Yell At Your Mobile Phone To Locate It In Your Living Room!

How to locate cellphone inside the house – There are some brilliant apps that allow them to shout at their phone and wait for it to respond to know the exact location of the device.

Almost all of us have been in situations when we misplace our phone in a coffee shop, a friend’s car, or any other entertainment spot.

However, for all those moments, when we know that the phone is lying somewhere inside the house, but we are unable to locate it, there are a few intelligent apps that let us shout at the device, so that it can respond back to help us reach out to it.

Instead of frantically looking under the sofa cushions or beneath a heap of clothes, these apps make our lives easier, by allowing us to speak to the device in the same manner as we interact with human beings.

These programs are particularly useful when one doesn’t have a spare phone to call at the lost handset or when the device is in silent mode.

Listed below are apps that help in locating a phone inside a house:

Marco Polo App

If you feel annoyed of losing your phone pretty often, then this is the ideal app for you. It not only lets the user vent out his/her frustration by yelling at the phone, but also helps in finding the phone. The owner of the smartphone simply needs to shout ‘Marco’ and the device responds by saying ‘Polo’.



Motorola’s Touchless Control App

This magnificent app from the house of Motorola enables the user to shout ‘Ok, Google Now, find my phone’ to trigger the alarm previously set on the device. Once the user speaks out these words, the device starts ringing on its own, thus helping in finding out the exact location of the phone.   



Whistle Finder

Needless to say, the whistle finder app is for those who are a pro at whistling. After installing the app on their handset, one needs to set up the whistle sensitivity, and select from an array of audio alerts & the desired volume. When the user whistles, the app gets activated, and responds by ringing the selected alert. Of course, it is important to whistle loudly and clearly for the handset to detect the whistle.



DroidShout Lite

This works slightly different from the rest of the apps in this list. Instead of actually shouting, the user needs to send a shout SMS message which enables the phone to exit the silent mode, put itself on the maximum volume, and start shouting random things or play a ringtone to help the owner find the phone.


One needs to remember that these apps work perfectly when the owner stands roughly 20 feet away from the device. It may not work in noisy places, as it may find it difficult to detect the voice or message of the owner. Next time when you can’t find your phone, don’t panic, make use of a smart app to locate the device within seconds.

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