Vectors Fest Of ACPCE College Was A Super Successful One

Vectors Fest

Vectors Fest

Marking the completion of 25 years of the institute, the silver jubilee was evident in the annual technical fest Vectors 2016. Adapting vintage as the event theme, the entire college premises were showered with bits from the era.

The event took place on 5th and 6th of October 2016 and had an overwhelming response from students. Inauguration itself was an eye catching event with contraptions triggered by cutting of the ribbon by the college principal Dr. D. G. Borse.

Vectors Fest

Post inauguration, the Principal had a taste of a joy element from the student’s childhood through the gaming event ‘battle tanks’ which relived the retro sensation game battle city in actual reality.

Other attractions included innovative events like ‘human foosball’, ‘footpool’, ‘robo soccer’, ‘neon cricket’.

Vectors Fest

Throughout the whole event, the college premises were aptly carrying the theme with running scale models of steam engine train, pendulum clock, still models of vintage cars and also a savaged scooter and bicycle which added to the beauty of the place.

The students performed a flash mob on the college grounds during the day course of 5th October adding an element of surprise and fun to the flash mob incorporated the robotics form of dance where the audience was left spellbound.

The 2 days tech based carnival provided an intriguing platform for the students to showcase their knowledge and interests. The event, through various workshops embedded within, not just added an element of fun to the students’ experience but also contributed to their knowledge chest.

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