Comments That No Girls Want To Hear Like Your Bra Strap Is Peeping Out !

Comments that no girls want to hear

Comments that no girls want to hear – Most of the times at least in Indian society people will tell you how to dress, how to eat, how to look blah blah blah.

One thing I don’t understand why the hell should be judged and is there a rule book, if yes someone please share.

We don’t want this gyaan people enough is enough!

We are so tired of hearing these comments that no girls want to hear.

Comments that no girls want to hear

1 – Don’t step out in sun you will be tanned

Ohh come on we like our tan, we love summers we love heading to beach and we don’t mind getting tanned, Black is the new sexy you see!

2 – Don’t eat so much you will become fat

I’m not fat, I am super hot and it overflows

3 – Your bra straps are showing

Ohh grow up, we want it to stay the way it is what is your problem by the way?

4 – Dress up well or no boy will notice you

Well we don’t wake up to impress boys at least, we only dress to kill other girls with our fashion sense

5 – Why don’t you sit like a woman?

Ok where is it written that there is a specific gender style to sit? By the way can xcuse me if you have any problems with my style

6 – Your dress is revealing cleavage

Can you just shut up, stop staring and mind your own business, I know I’m hot you don’t have to look at me like that.

7 – No smoking, no drinking behave like a woman

Thank you so much we know what to do when to do just because we have to bear children in future doesn’t mean we stop living our lives from young age!

8 – Do not hang around with guys in nights, it reflects your character

Ok, as if we need a character certificate, stop it world and grow up.

9 – Why are you going out that too so late

It’s none of your business stay away from it!

These are comments that no girls want to hear – These are the most annoying these we girls are so so tired of hearing can you please stop saying these things.

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