5 Things You Must Know Before Dying Your Hair

Before dying hair

Before dying hair – If you ask me I want to dye my hair?

Yes, I am up for it.One of the hottest trends going on is hair coloring, which includesdifferent and sometimes, bizarre hair colors. Coloring hair to look good is cool but also has lots of side effects that you all must know. Thesymptoms and damage caused by hair color may not always show up immediately but it might sooner or later.

So, here is all that you must know things Before dying hair – about what chemical containing hair color end up doing to you.

Before dying hair –

1 – Allergy

Whether you are applying hair color or fun or for any other purpose, you could be affected by allergic reactions. These hair color dyes contain dozens of chemicals and toxic material in them which can have adverse effect on the hair as well as on the applier. The most common symptoms include swelling, redness, and itchiness. So, be aware before using it and first apply it as a patch on your skin!

2 – Hair breakage

Due to excessive exposure to chemical,hair has been damaged and goes through excessive hair fall, roughness, dryness and fragile hair. In extreme cases, the hair can be so damaged that it breaks off entirely. Yes!!This is true I am also going through excessive hair fall. So, think before use!

3 – Asthma

Can you believe that dying your color can cause asthma? According to dermatologist, those who have much exposure to the hair color are more likely to get skin allergies and contract asthma. It can cause due constant exposure to PPD presentin hair color. This exposure blocks the airway passage and cause breathing problem.

4 – Rashes

Rashes are the most common problem reported when you apply hair dyes. The individuals who are allergic to dye or any ingredient used in its making reported of getting red rashes on the scalp. The rashes appear where the dye is applied.

5 – Conjunctivas

If you fail to follow the caution given on the box while dying your hair can result in contact of chemicals and your eyes. It can lead to conjunctivitis or red eyes. Read the instruction properly before applying hair color.

Things that one should consider Before dying hair – Coloring your hair is fun and we are not at all asking you to stop coloring your hair. But, we suggest you to follow proper instructions and must know pros and cons of dying hair.

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