Nepalese Women Raped In Gurgaon – Why North India Is Unsafe For Women?

In another bone chilling incident, two nepalese women raped in gurgaon, were rescued after they were allegedly raped and kept in bondage for months.

They were rescued after a raid on Monday night.

The raid was planned after the police received a letter from the Nepal embassy regarding their plight. According to reports, the house is rented by diplomat from Saudi Arabia. He was among those booked for gang rape and wrongful confinement of woman and her daughter.

Reportedly, the women were hired as domestic help were allegedly held as hostages in Jeddah and later were shifted to Gurgaon.


The two women were rescued from the diplomat’s apartment in Caitriona Towers

Recently a US national was raped; there was again a case of a gang rape of 32 year old in the month of April and today again we here  similar case. Many of them go unnoticed as people do not file FIR due to societal pressure and stigma involved in these cases. In June, 3-4 molestation and rape cases were registered within 24 hours. Imagine the number of cases which never came in the records.

What are plausible reasons of rape in North India Belt?

Of course there has to be some reason why there is a prevalence of rape in the northern belt of India. Caste-related violence targeted at the Dalits and towards lower caste is not uncommon in North India. In north India people from upper caste reinforce the systems of case and patriarchy by raping the women from lower caste and this practice is going on from time immemorial.

Patriarchal norms and gender discrimination are another root cause of gender based violence in north. One of the reasons again why men from northern India indulge in this bestial crime is that they want to vent out their frustration against women who defy the old school norms. Many men feel the complex from those women who participate in labour force or try to become at par with men.

Apart from sexual repression, attack family honor is also the reason is why rapes are prevalent in this area. There was recent case to back this reason. Recently all male Khap panchayat ordered rape as punishment for two women. We wonder how a revolting crime can be a punishment.

NCRB Reports: Delhi is Rape capital of India.

Delhi has a bad reputation of one of the most unsafe big cities for women in India. Females in Delhi do not feel safe. There is steep rise in molestation and rape cases from past few years. The city reported 1813 rapes in 2014 and leads in reported cases of rapes. The city tops in number of reported rape cases and is proportionate to the female population.


Here’s the statistics on reported rapes.

No Lessons learnt after Nirbhaya’s Case

There were massive protests in Delhi and other cities after the brutal gang rape of a student in South Delhi. Many thought this outrage will bring down the number of cases but that’s not the case. Numerous cases on a frequent basis soon were registered.

No doubt that rapes takes place in other parts of India. But if we go according to facts north and north east do have more number of rape and molestation cases than the rest of India.

Why North India fails to curb the rampant menace? Why rapes are increasing day by day in our nation? What are your thoughts let us know in the comments below.

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