Top 5 FREE Android Games That Will Make You Freak Out Completely!

Waiting to get your hands on something really geeky? Well the wait is over. We bring you the top 5 Android games that are making the news at the moment.

Most of us are addicted to the mobile games. It seems a nice way to while away the leisure time and with Android devices ruling the market it would be only fair for you to know about the new games that you should check out right now. For your convenience we have listed the top 5 Android games that have taken the market by storm. 

Here goes your list: 


The football fervor is in full swing and so is the FIFA 14 Android game. This is one of the best sports games that you can lay your hands on. The game has been upgraded since its 2013 version. There are 600 licensed teams, 16,000 players, 33 leagues, and 34 different stadiums included in the FIFA 14 game. So get ready to play now!  

Disco Zoo

For those who have already played Tiny Tower or Pocket Planes will love this game. This game is one of the best Android games with NimbleBit jam. It is a free game that is available at Google Play. The animals can aid you to earn coins per minute but watch out they keep falling asleep. Keep tapping them so they do not fall slack with time. 

99 Bricks Wizard Academy

This is a free Android game where you have the task of stacking Tetris blocks as tall as possible for you. You will have to arrange the Tetris blocks on a narrow base if you want to build a grand tower for the wizard. But it is not as easy as it sounds. You will have to face certain spells before you can complete your task. There are jealous opponents who will make the game challenging for you. You will also have to fight certain laws of physics in order to learn all about tower construction.  

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

This is one of the most addictive and fun games available right now in the market. It is a mining, building and survival game and a popular one too. There are crafting tools with which you can mine and create all you like. This is a paid game, though. 


Another interesting paid Android game wherein you can build huge structures, kill monsters, and make like-minded allies.  In addition there are magic weapons, rocket boots and fight against huge floating eyeballs. Sounds interesting? There is a free trial available too. 

All these games are available at Google Play store. So take your pick, download it and play to your heart’s content.





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