These Laptops From The Future Are Too Amazing To Be True!

Future laptop concepts – There are many futuristic gadgets that masterminds create. Not all of them enter the market for sale. We explore ten concept laptops that are simply amazing and promise to provide an out-of-this-world user experience.

The way we have concept cars showcased at Auto Expos, there are future laptop concepts too.

These future laptop concepts give an insight to what type of devices we may get to see soon. Though for various reasons, some of these widgets would never enter the market for sale.

We explore some of these amazing devices which look awesome and flaunt astounding features that can change our computing experience totally!

1)  D-roll:

A futuristic creation by designer Hao Hua, this laptop can fold into a roll! Users can get rid of carrying rectangular boxes in their backpacks. The bendable OLED screen and keyboard effortlessly fold into a tubular shape.



2)  Compenion:

This is the brainchild of the German designer Felix Schmidberger. The laptop when shut looks like the present-day device. But, it looks totally different when open. Instead of opening the screen into a 90-degree angle, the user needs to slide up the screen.



3)  Roll Top:

Created by Orkin Design, this widget resembles the D-roll. But, in contrast to the D-roll, the user can keep it flat and use it like a tablet.



4)  Projection PCs:

This one is pretty different. How about using a pen-like device that would project a screen and a virtual keyboard on a smooth surface? If this concept succeeds, we could break-free from carrying even the lightweight laptops of today!



5)  Canova:

Designer Valero Cometti is the mastermind behind this astounding device. This gadget resembles the present-day laptop. But instead of the manual keyboard and a screen, it has two touch-sensitive displays. When turned vertically, both the displays appear as two pages of a book! 



6)  Flexible Displays:

Instead of the glass screen, this device flaunts a flexible display screen. We may get to see a Kindle-like device with a flexible display called the Skiff Reader soon! 



7)  Siafu:

Built for the visually impaired, this creation has no screen. Instead of the display on the screen, this gadget converts images into 3-D shapes using an oil-based synthetic material called Magneclay.



8)  VAIO Zoom:

Using holographic technology, the screen of the laptop becomes transparent and the keyboard becomes opaque when the user switches off the gadget!



9)  Valentine:

This laptop reminds us of the typewriter of yesteryears. With a flexible screen and a sliding keyboard, this device looks extremely cute! 



10)  Moonlight:

The curvaceous twin screen of this laptop has many advantages. While one screen acts as the display screen, the other serves as a touchscreen, main screen for another OS, or a continuation of the main screen.


Only time would tell if the above-mentioned laptops would enter the homes and offices of the users or would face an inconspicuous death in the labs which created them.

We keep our fingers crossed, and wish that we get a chance to lay our hands on these fascinating gadgets!

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