A Journey Through Mobile Generations! You Are Lucky If You Were Born in 1980s!

Mobile phones have undergone transformation with each passing year. Listed below are 10 of the amazing phones of last decade which you may have used, provided you were born in 1980s or before.

In the late 1990s they drove everyone crazy with their antennas and brick-like look! Wondering what we’re talking about?

Well, we aren’t speaking about an alien; we are talking about cell phones! Remember those times when we loved to play Snake games on our phones?

Sliders and flap enabled phones totally enticed us! Mobiles were a rarity then, and they didn’t possess any of the current features of a smartphone.

Most of them had a grey background or a monochromatic display and performed the basic functions of calling and texting. Nevertheless, we do miss those simpler times, don’t we?  Well, if you’re those fortunate ones who were born in the 1980s or before that, you would have definitely used some of these queer yet cool devices! So let’s walk down memory lane and relive that cell phone nostalgia.  

1).     Nokia 1100

Topping the list is Nokia 1100, an iconic handset from the house of Nokia. Not to forget, its flashlight, that went on to inspire other manufacturers to follow the same suit.



2).     Nokia 2100

Easy to use, the Nokia 2100 was the first phone to feature a photo insert cover at the back panel.



3).     Nokia 2300

The half pink – half purple keypad was an instant hit with the pretty ladies.


4).     Nokia 3310

This indestructible specie from Nokia was probably found in every household. It was responsible for making Snake II game a popular past-time for the youth.  



5).     Nokia 5300

The cool slider back awed us and the white colour won our hearts!



6).     Moto Razr

We were truly smitten by the design of this flap phone. This uber-stylish product of Motorola was always a tempting proposition and probably the best Motorola phone at that time.



7).     Nokia 6600

This classic Nokia phone created ripples in the market and amazed everyone with its camera, music player, video player, Bluetooth, and extended storage functionalities.



8).     Sony Ericsson W610i (Walkman Series)

We can’t forget the mind-blowing sound emanated by this Sony handset.


9).     Nokia N72

Ah! We just fell in love with its big screen and sophisticated ergonomics.


10.    Nokia 7610

This was the first Nokia camera phone to have a megapixel resolution. Loaded with a myriad of applications, this device looked chic and trendy.



Today the market is full of phones that flaunt bleeding edge internals, sleek profiles, and technologically advanced software.

The amazing Android and iOS apps make our lives easy yet complicated! Given the chance, would you wish to go back in time and carry a phone that didn’t have too many configurations, was simple to use, and allowed you to spend more time with your family in the living room? Think about it and let us know by sharing your views in the comments box below!  

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