Who Has Kidnapped Anushka Sharma?

We talk about locating missing Anushka Sharma. She is out of limelight for quite sometime now even though her next release, PK is around the corner.

Where is Anushka Sharma?

Is she hiding somewhere?

Has she gone underground?

Or has she been kidnapped?

Oh My God! Scary thought, isn’t it?

Well, we are not over-reacting, but come to think of it. She is out of public eye and discussion for a very long time now.

She is today’s actress, not some yesteryear’s star who can lie low just like that and can resurface at her will!

Anushka’s last released film was Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola and that too in January’13.

It sounds like ages ago; been almost two years that we saw her on big screen. Yeah it is a different thing that in between she kept herself and her fans busy with various controversies and scandalistic link-ups, but then suddenly she has vanished!

All this while there was news of her link-up with dashing cricketer Virat Kohli which was keeping her fans thoroughly entertained. However, things took an ugly turn this year, resembling her ugly duck-lips.

Remember them, guys?

Yeah, the same lips which made national headlines on Karan Johar’s chat show, Koffee with Karan! Just when that controversy was about to die down, she was embroiled in another infamous incident!

Indian cricket team toured England and Anushka happily accompanied her boo, Virat to give him emotional support. Don’t know what kind of support it was, but his form slumped like a setting sun! Obviously, she had no control over it, but took the blame graciously without defending their private acts in public. Did she took the public criticism to her heart and has vanished somewhere to heal her broken heart and spirit? Oh no, that would be terrible!

However, there is one more possibility.

Aamir Khan might have got her kidnapped! Okay, relax, it is just a possibility, we are not putting blame on him or pointing fingers. Just a thought given that their next film, PK is about to be released. We all know how Aamir is a perfectionist and known to keep everything about his films top-secret till it is ok to reveal them to public. Anushka is the main lead in PK and till now she is nowhere a part of film’s publicity. No poster or trailer is showing her character or revealing anything about her.

So it might be that Aamir has asked her to stay away from media glare till he approves her presence.

Well, whatever it is, her fans are missing her terribly. She shouldn’t go out of public eye for so long. After all, her contemporaries and actresses junior to her are being seen 24X7 singing, dancing, cutting ribbons, proving their intellect etc etc etc!

Anushka darling, your fans are missing you, give us some byte or show your presence, somehow, somewhere.

Okay, come out with Virat only, hand in hand, if you have to, we won’t blame you for his failure.

At least, show yourself! 

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