Yes, I am 27 and happily unmarried!

Life is not only about finding the right guy and walking down the aisle. It’s more about pursuing your dreams and having your life under your control.


Birthdays are supposed to a happy occasion, right? Full of pub-hopping, back-slapping, hi-fiving and face-stuffing? But if you’re turning anything that’s above 25, like I did last week, it’s a different story altogether. No back-slapping, only slapping. Every aunty worth her body fat wants to know when I will walk down the aisle. Arre, baba! What’s their obsession with marriage?

If my second cousin’s first son’s third wife wasn’t enough to rub it in, there are those who put up pictures of their blissful marriage on Facebook and annoy the crap out of me. I am very happy for you and your spouse, but putting up 200 pictures of you in your wedding finery is not what I call FUN. I can still forgive these guys because they are in love and happy and all that jazz. But I absolutely detest those who send their wedding invitations home. Buggers, screw you!
I don’t want my mother looking at those cards and weeping buckets over how her only daughter is anti-marriage when other girls are having babies.

I love coming home at ungodly hours and unwinding with a takeaway. I like my spa sessions and shopping expeditions. I sleep in on Sundays and wear shorts around the house. I am pretty shure ‘sasural’ will turn up their noses and go mental if they take a ‘bahu’ like me. I may be good at what I do, professionally, but I am pretty insane when it comes to taking care of the house and stuff. And till I am mentally ready and have got my shit under control, how do people expect me to take in the responsibility of a man and his family?

Is life only about finding the right guy and walking down the aisle? What about having some goals and dreams? And who the hell cares if I marry at 30 or 40 as long as I have my life under control! Yes, aunties, I am 27 and happily unmarried. When I do tie the knot, and I will, I will not be inviting nosy ladies to the wedding.

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