Ten Women Share Their Stories About Awful In-laws And They Are Creeps AF

awful in-laws

Awful in-laws – Life after marriage for a woman could always be hard, as she is to leave her beloved family and place. She would be the luckiest if she got in-laws that take care of her like her parents did.

But, in many of the cases it least happens.

We hear a lot of women talking about how her in-laws treat. Very sadly, some in-laws turn out to be monster kinds.

We here have some women sharing some really stories about their monstrous awful in-laws.

Awful in-laws – 

  1. My father in-law recently put up a comment that read ‘Sexy’ on my latest Facebook picture.

Argh! I wonder what kind of person he must be. That is definitely not the comment that is supposed to put up on my picture. Creepy one!

  1. My mother in law tries to be extra smart by controlling and judging me.

I don’t know what she gets out of controlling me. Wonder if when she would stop interfering into my life and stop bothering me AF. Vexed!!

  1. My in laws are so much into me and my husband that I hardly get time or some privacy with my husband.

Lol! When you feel so possessive for your son, then why the hell did you get him married?

  1. I can’t stand my mother in law; she lectures me about savings and spends $8000 just for a bath tub.

Pity, that the house seems to have different set of rules for everyone. Damn!

  1. My mom in law actually cried to my husband as she dint like the diamond earrings we presented on her birthday.

Nothing could be worse than this! A gift is a gift and it has to be accepted and not demanded and if not diamonds should we give her a Kohinoor!

  1. My mother in law just got some money from my husband, for the gifts she got me for my baby shower.

Annoying!! When she couldn’t afford to gift something, that could be totally fine.

  1. My mother in law undermines me at every chance and is making it near impossible for me to raise my children.

She has her hand in bothering me all the time.

  1. My mother in law introduces as her son’s friend, even though he and me have been already married for three years.

Maybe she is shy to let the world know am her daughter in law. Creep AF

  1. My father in law is a misogynistic caveman.

The old fashioned man for my life. Why God why?

  1. My mother in law never helps me out in the household course nor cooking.

She needs a maid, not a daughter in law to do all this. It’s so annoying to know that I am only a servant who cooks, cleans, washes; keep’s his son happy at night. We women are not made to keep everyone happy we have our own life!

These were some really stories about awful in-laws that women tell us about their in laws on reddit!

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