What Piscean Woman Wants in A Scorpio Man

Piscean Woman

When Piscean woman and a Scorpio man is in a relationship, it is based on mutual respect because they both are water element. Their understanding can set example for other couples. A Scorpio man and woman can read into each other’s minds and hearts perfectly because they share almost same zodiacal traits as for being the water element both. While Scorpio is very secretive and shrouded in mystery, Pisces will be idealistic and understand the nuances of the situation. Scorpio can seem withdrawn but he will be equally intense in a relationship. Both Scorpio and Piscean are loyal by nature so their relationship is for keeps.

A Piscean woman’s mind is cluttered by dreams that she wants to come true and a Scorpio man will always have her back to achieve that momemtum. Scorpio builds the steadfast base of the relationship whereas the Piscean woman¬†embellishes it with sympathy, love and care.

What are the characteristic traits in Scorpio man that attract the Piscean woman?

A Scorpio man is mysterious and covert, he has his own secret plans hovering in his mind and a Piscean woman can’t resist to decode them. Scorpion men don’t comply with the archaic idea of being ‘husband’ or ‘boyfriend’ material but they are the bona fide ‘bad boys’ who give you thrills. When you are dating a Scorpio, rest assured that you will never be bored and any Piscean woman will kill for that.

When a man does everything the woman wants, treats them ‘nice’ and operates his life in her wish, the chase is over for the woman and she will withdraw her interest from the relationship but this is remotely expected from a Scorpio man who always leaves his woman guessing which makes him appear more attractive to his woman.

A Piscean woman is fascinated by the inner power of the Scorpio man while her man adores her imaginative depth and willingness to delve at the bottom of his emotions. A Piscean woman will feel most safe in the arms of a Scorpio man because he is intrinsically protective towards her. If perceived from the other angle, the Piscean woman brings out the protective side of the Scorpio man to the fore.

Moreover, who doesn’t like a great sex life and no one can beat a Scorpio man for that. The Scorpio and Pisces sexual compatibility is magical. That is filled with tenderness and fantasy thereby ensuring a lifelong companionship. It is said that when your sexual compatibility is at its peak, you are not likely to pick up brawls much often and your relationship sets an example for others. The relationship between Scorpio man and a Piscean woman seems to validate the statement.

However, the main draw of a Scorpio man on his Piscean woman is that he understands the darkest impulses of life whilst she is gullible, reflective and easily influenced. There is no one but a Scorpio man can use his emotional depth and resourcefulness to bring the Piscean woman back to reality again.

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