This Is Why Young Boys Get Attracted To Older Women!


Now that we are certain that young boys like older women, (to all those, who find this as news, it’s mandatory to read this article, to brush up your GK), it’s about time we establish, WHY do they do so.

While some of the rap and pop brigade in their 19s is still hooked to the barely legal age of hooking up, some of the smarter ones, (who can be promoted to MEN’s section sooner than soon), are finding better partners in older women.

After much contemplation and hard thinking put together, I have been able to gather up some very convincing reasoning behind that.

And here is the stunning list of qualities in gorgeous older women. I mean, this is exactly why young boys get attracted to older women?

  1. They Are A Head Held High

One of the top most pluses abut older women is that they are on their own. Financially, emotionally, socially and brain wise too. They wouldn’t lean on people for any of their needs and hence they make interesting companionship with no bindings in place. This means that older women are less likely to be clingy or needy, which makes them much easier to get along with.

  1. They Are Open With Their Thoughts And Are Assertive About Them 

Women who cross a certain age, establish a clear understanding of who they are and what they want from life, unlike young confused lasses. And hence, they are less likely to be hesitant about their expressions, needs and wants. They talk about things openly, assertively, and also adept at creating a comfort zone for their partners to let them express freely. And forthrightness, is definitely an amazing aphrodisiac.

  1. They Are Awesome Conversationalists

Well, this one is true to its last alphabet! Be on a date with an older woman for an hour and you will come out an enriched and updated lad! Well read and well informed they are, undoubtedly! Moreover, a good conversation is one of those things we tend to take for granted until we haven’t had one in a while. And immense conversation skills are something that younger women are often not equipped with. They would end up talking fashion and movies, not so much because they’re women, but mostly because they’re young. Quite simply, older women have lived longer. They’ve seen more things, have more experiences things and been to more places.

  1. They Are Usually Working And Financially Independent 

Ok, so maybe this one sounds a bit too materialistic, but this stands true to the core. It is pragmatic! Who wouldn’t want to be with a person who doesn’t cringe about spending and can take care of their own expenses without being a sissy about it. Older women are all that and much more. They are usually a working brigade, and hence, like to take independent financial decisions without looking for a contribution from their other friends or relationship partner.

  1. They Make Amazingly Hot Date Companions

After having tasted a lot of stuff, be it food, life or moments in general, most of the older women have zeroed in to the BEST. They know the best places for romantic couple dates, they know the best cuisines, they know the best ways to make it a hot date and they know the best men to date! Ha! You think you stand a chance?

  1. They Are So Much Less Drama 

Oh, you don’t give me time; Oh, you are so insensitive; Oh, you didn’t text me when you were away; Oh, you didn’t buy me a present for our first phone-chat anniversary!! Blah, blah, blah!

Trust me, you won’t find any of these panic attacks anywhere near older women. That’s because they have outgrown the need to put trivial things under the magnifier. They love their own space and they give you, yours. No drama needed, no drama delivered! That’s it!

  1. They Know The Way Through Tough Phases

When the relationship sails through rough patches, if it’s an experienced woman in there, she would bring it out, with making a whole lot of the hula hoop about it. They know how to handle the trials and tribulations associated with relationships because they’ve been through just about all of it before. They make realistic expectations without getting lost into a princess dreamland! They respond to the relationship crisis in a more mature and sorted manner.

  1. They Value Each Minute Spent Together

Just because older women have their own and other person’s priorities clearly jotted in their minds, they look forward to small dates, coffee times together, quickies and even a little “how was your day” conversation over the phone. They are more appreciative of the time you spend together and they aren’t likely to be reckless with emotions. They are content with quality over quantity and go back to the daily hustle of life with a smile.

  1. They Are The Leaders In Bed

Nailed it with this one, right? Well, this one is the most common one I guess. Younger boys, who are inexperienced at sex, tend to look for partners who can guide them and make every session pleasurable. Plus, older women have also gotten over the minor insecurities, inhibitions and anxieties about sex, and that’s why they get involved completely without letting the fears take over. They are pretty much comfortable in their skin and know how to make the bedroom an exciting place to be at, because they have simply  graduated beyond the bedroom basics. They love experimenting and trying new moves.

So, these are my top most reasons, why young lads like the company of older women and feel at comfort while dating them.

You got any to add? Feel free!

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