In The Name Of Lord, EC Should Stop This Nonsense Now

Be it the #revenge jibe of Amit Shah or #selfie of Narendra Modi, the EC has been spending its power and energy at the wrong place.

Remember Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections where the Election Commission had ordered covering hundred of elephant statues? That was the first indication that EC has become an agony aunt. In fact, it continues to be in character this election season.

The Congress party runs to it with some stupid complaint and the EC acts immediately without thinking twice.

Be it the #revenge jibe of Amit Shah or #selfie of Narendra Modi, the EC has been spending its power and energy at the wrong place. The height of biasness is touched when similar offence is done by another political party and it never issues a diktat, let alone chiding.

This time, EC is looking into BJP prime ministerial nominee for invoking Lord Ram at a rally in Faizabad.

Apparently, Modi’s rally had a backdrop poster of Lord Ram and the Gujarat chief minister referred to the Lord several times asking people to teach Congress and those who support it a lesson for not fulfilling electoral promises. 

“This is the land of Lord Ram where people believed in ‘Pran jaye par vachan na jaye’ (one may lose life but cannot break promise). Can you pardon those who broke their promises?” Modi said referring to the ruling party’s unfulfilled promise of providing 10 crore jobs to people. 

“I, from this land of Lord Ram, promise you that I will fight corruption my whole life. Where do I get the strength to speak this? I have lived this my whole life,” he further added. 

However, Modi skirted any reference to ‘building’ Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya.  But the EC, just like the covered elephant, has started the fire. Its juvenile act has fanned the Ram Mandir issue once again making it come alive on media.

Twitter has also come against its act and many people, including MP chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan raised their objection:





EC is simply harassing the respect that it has being a constitutional authority. Days are not far when people will organize themselves against its biased judgments. We have seen allegations of it being hands in gloves with Congress due to its silence on various issues. Who knows, next we hear similar things for it being a party to 10 Janpath from a book…

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