5 Reasons Why Fighting In A Relationship Is Good


Being in a relationship is like working.

You need to always ensure that you don’t let the bad incidents bring you down, you avoid as many leaves as possible from the other person’s life and you expect to learn through your journey with that person.

But what happens in most relationship is that people tend to think that fighting is the biggest catastrophe to a relationship. People are so busy in their lives that they tend to not have time to mend their relationships – rather they let it loose, hang it by a thread, and let fate decide for itself.

Actually, fighting in a relationship makes it healthier on many levels. Surprised?

Let me tell you how:

  1. It lets your stress out: Most couples fight either because they carry the stress from their work or home, or because of usual reasons of not liking what the other said. But it is ok to fight. It lets you and your significant other open up, throw tantrums, scream and cry – basically lets you pour out all the worries and tension you have stuffed inside yourself.
  1. Makes you care for each other: Close to 90% couples start worrying and caring the minute they see their significant other crying in a fight. I am not telling you to escape the fight by crying! But it tends to calm the other down and you end up talking things out rather than continuing the fight for long. At the end of it you realize that you were quarrelling with each other for the silliest things!
  1. Seeing more of the significant other: Some couples decide to do the silent treatment. Now imagine a situation where your loved one is not around to even throw this treatment at him/her. What would you do? You end up wanting to see them, although you hold off showing your care for the first few days after the fight. Basically, you realize how important they are to you and you tend to love them even more.
  1. You learn to find your level of harmony: Fighting helps you to understand the level of understanding needed for your loved one and you learn to compromise. You would never go to bed angry and you will not leave arguments hanging. It not only leads to a healthy relationship, but a happier you!
  1. Clearing the air: You both will learn to clear the air about many issues. It might start with one and lead to another. That’s how fights always go and it will only lead you both to learn to discuss and clear all your doubts and jealousy about many things you have not spoken to each other about. You might bring up the past but it will lead the other to understand things that hurt you and you both start to be more concerned about each others feelings.

Time flies by and so will your fights. Do not let a small argument build up into a bigger one. Let go, forgive and forget because there aren’t too many people who understand you like your loved one does.

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