Why Do Men Fall In Love Faster Than Women?

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The increasing remarriages of men show that they are more inclined to fall in love faster than women. A woman on contrary after a divorce or death of her spouse is less seen to remarry immediately. There is a vast difference in the psychology of men and women. Realizing and speaking about love to her partner takes a longer time compared to men.

According to recent researches and studies related to the relationship, it is found that a man takes just 88 days to speak their heart out. While women take about 131 days approximately to say about their feelings to their partners.

men fall in love 2

Men fall in love and remarry more than women

There are some common reasons that a man may feel close to a woman. Similarly, a woman may feel the same but they lack to express themselves. The reason for remarrying of man is higher due to personal feelings and also an effect of the hormone.

A man can immediately get attracted to a woman at once, simply that is at one glance. It means they are attracted by their physical appearances. It slowly deepens with time; men do not think much it is all about the looks of the partner.

But a woman does not fall in love at first sight as always think before involving themselves in a relationship. They are thoughtful and intensely think, effectively if they are in love or not. As they do not speak their heart out unless they can ensure themselves that they are in love.

The function of hormones when a woman fall in love

When a woman falls in love there are a few functions of hormone ensures about their feelings. This is one of the reasons that women take a long time to say even after falling after love. By the time a woman may speak about love to their partner once, a man may have expressed and proposed to more than one or two women.

Two hormones are active when a woman is in love. They are the stress hormone and the love chemical, together it ensures love.  A man does have less involvement of the stress hormone for which they can say about their feelings to women with less stress.

The difference are in their thoughts. It  is responsible when a man can easily date a woman but it is simply the opposite for a woman.

Man’s quick falling for a partner is harmful which resists women to commit

Women rarely are found to immediately commit to a relationship unless they can ensure themselves about their boyfriend’s commitment in a relationship. As their easy escapes from one woman to another can create problems in life, on the other hand, man dominant nature leads to quickly jump from one relationship to another.

Women are more emotional than men. They do not want to hurt themselves unless she is confirmed if the man  or partner is committed. Women are choosy to select a partner as they know that men are quick to grow a relationship and fast to escape if they want.

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