App It Up With Your Pet..

We bring some of the exciting, interesting and really helpful apps for your pet’s well being. Imagine there is an app to even find a pet if you don’t own one.

The world today is almost at its edge to create as much advanced technology as it can day by day for a better life.

Technology has really added a lot of leisure to our lives.

These days you have an app for every single thing.

Just imagine your iPhone has the ability to count the amount of calories you put on when you secretly had that rasmalai!

So when a phone app can keep your life in order then why not it be a boon in your pet’s life as well? Almost everyone has a smart phone today on which you use ample number of apps right from Whatsapp to Instagram, then why not an app for your beloved pet whom you love unconditionally. So we bring some of the exciting, interesting and really helpful apps for your pet’s wellbeing. 

Imagine there is an app to even find a pet if you don’t own one.

Pet Snap

With the advent of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest everyone has gone picture crazy and the obsession with selfie is undefined. So why let your pet lag behind? This app helps you take some real great pictures of your pet which is at times very difficult to take. So this app has around 32 features that makes your pet pay attention to it and makes the picture paw-fect!



Pet Acoustics

Just like music is important to human ears, it is soothing for your dog’s and cat’s ears at times. So this app helps you play good music that is scientifically good for your pet’s health. And yes it does wonders and makes them have some leisure time listening to good music.



Pet Minder Pro

This is a user friendly app that helps you keep a proper track of your pet’s activities regarding their feeding, medication, and vaccination along with vet visits. This app gives you colour coded reminders of the status of your pet’s feeding and medication. The red colour indicates that your pet is in need of some particular thing while green colour indicates that everything is fine.



Pet First Aid

First aid for pets is equally important as it is for the humans. There are times when these muted animals are not able to let you know the problem but the symptoms and its solution can help you tackle the problems. This app helps you take care of your pet with all important information.



Dog Park Locater

This app helps you know about the parks near you where you can take your pet for a stroll and have its recreation time running around and playing and also meeting other friends. So you can find many different park locaters around you when you are at a new place with your dog or a pet.


These handfuls of apps for your pet can turn out to be very useful in a better pet management and make your extended family member have a good comfortable life with you.

Wish you Appy Petting!


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