Why Crush On A Person Does Not Last For More Than Four Months?

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When the mind is always in the flowery world, happy and attentive to someone is the sign of a crush. A crush on a person is an experience from the early days of a teenager. It is an imagination blended with a good feeling when they start liking someone. Though there are no real expectations of being surrounded by an imaginative world. But it is found that the crush on a person does not stays longer than four months.

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The average life length of any crush on a person is for four months

To understand if it is love at first sight one has to wait for at least a few months. Sometimes the feeling of falling for a person at the beginning, an interest in being together reduced with time. So, to confirm love or crush it is essential to wait for a few months. The longer one increases the attachment the greater is the sense of love to develop on a desire to stretch the love in a long relationship.

Those who are looking into a long-term, trustworthy and reliable relationship do not want to believe in the crush. Women are inclined toward growing attachments and connecting to falling in love. On the other hand, men are different, they are mostly into instant connecting which does not confirm stability. So, comparatively, women are inclined to fall in love, unlike men. It does not ensure that only men but even can also feel the crush especially when they do not interact with greater crowds or friends.

Dopamine reaction and nothing to get in return

The brain and heart both feel happy and healthy when they find their crush. Dopamine is responsible for the changes in feelings that make a person feel the warmth of the heart. But the secretion of the chemical reaction does not help it to last longer than four months. The reason is the following:

Nothing to expect in return

When you start thinking about a person, it is the possibility that there is nothing to expect in return. Since there is no commitment and no relationship it is difficult to want anything in return. Without any give and take it is not possible to extend a relationship.


Having a crush on anyone is a kind feeling that depends on fantasizing. So, it is not real when someone is daydreaming but unable to simplify and convert it into reality.

Hesitant to speak their heart out

Unless you are confirmed and clear about your thoughts it is difficult that a person can speak their heart out. They are hesitant as they are unsure and lead to end their crush at a point.

You are not confident

When anyone is not confident if they want to get into a relationship with their crush such a thought does not allow him or her to stretch the relationship.

A crush on a person cannot last for long due to unreal and unstable facts. Based on the hesitant reactions one cannot avoid that does not allow the crush to last after four months.

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