Here Is How Dissatisfaction In Women And Gigolo Business Increasing In India

Gigolo business in India

Just like India is a country of having the most ancient civilization in the world, it is also the home of Kama Sutra.

Just so you know it is the most ancient group of texts based on the human sexual behavior written by Vatsyayana.

In spite of this, there are some shocking facts that have come to light in the recent times.

A study says that in India, there are more than 50% married women who are sexually dissatisfied with their men. Probably the cause for the increasing divorce rates is this reason. Compared to many other Asian countries, the rate of women being dissatisfied with their sex life is much higher.

The main reason for dissatisfaction is the increasing stress and work load in a person’s life. In the run of extreme, competition and stress of job is making life a little difficult for the couples and making many women unhappy with their married life.

Well much to your information, we Indians have a solution to any problem in any which way.

Yes, the solution to this problem is Gigolos. The trend of gigolos is speeding up in the recent times. Gigolos, basically, are the male prostitutes providing services to women of different age groups right from the college going girls to the working women and housewife. They have huge clientele.

Just like men have female escorts to satisfy their sexual desire their male counterpart gigolos are an emerging trend in the present time. Much to our surprise, it is believed that this trend is now going popular even in Bollywood.

Men who are mostly involved in this profession are basically from good families but the want of easy money and luxury lifestyle force them get into this. People who are mostly involved in this are gym instructors, struggling actors and models, courier boys and many more.

Apart from this, there have been many training sessions given to gigolos, because according to personal blog of a gigolo, it is not just their looks that fetch them work but good personality and the way they talk is also important. This is the main reason why there are many experienced gigolos who are grooming other men for this profession. Also they are given a proper sex education to protect them from all kinds of STDs.

There has been a long debate on whether to legalize prostitution or not, but with present scenario, seems like legalizing it is a better option for both men and women not for the masses but for the people who are engaged in such a profession.

Although they are unacceptable by the society, legalizing them can be a good decision in order to make their life a bit better in the near future.

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