12 Reasons Why Your Brother is Your Best Friend


Having a younger brother is a mixed experience, both blissful and exasperating.

But the bliss outshines the tomfooleries every time. A younger brother is your strongest confidante, your protector, your critic and your knight in shining armour if need be.

So what if he spells out your secrets to mom? Keeps a watch on your social media profiles? Steals your food or carries out the weirdest prank on you? You can never have enough of him and you can’t keep him distant too. Little brothers deserve recognition in the same vein for bestowing you with gifts, lifting your upset with his wisecracks and bearing with you in every thick and thin of your life.

So, here is how having an younger brother changes your life for good:

He knows who is the most suitable guy for you:

He stays by you when you are going through the worst break-up hangover. Your brother will walk up to you all honestly to remind you that you wasted your tears on that guy and your gut was right. However long might it take but your tunnel view clears after a few odd days.

He is never judgmental about your flaws:

He literally grows up with you so he is familiar to all your flaws and embraces them. He is never judgmental about them and if anybody else is, he is the first one to come to your rescue.

He has your back:

He always defends you come hell or high water. He swings open every window of logic and bears with all your worst. He always wants you to be daddy’s little girl.

He bolsters your respect before your parents:

Every time you leave the empty beer can near the basement after a booze party with your friends, he clears the clutter up before your parents arrive and jumps to your aid when your parents are fuming. He is the knight in shining armour for you before your prince charming shows up.

You always enjoy inside jokes with him:

He is the only one who reads your mind and tells from your expression what you might be feeling. He showers praise too, if need be. You two can communicate without even uttering a word and that is the best draw of having a younger brother.

He makes you laugh always:

It has been already said above that he will lift your upset with his antics, and he never goes short of them. He is in constant pursuit to keep you happy no matter what.

He is the secret-keeper:

You can tell him a secret in blindfolds trusting that he will save it with his life. You feel so much safe with him, even at your low points.

He values your opinion:

He always seeks your opinion in matters and values them too. He respects you for what you are. He will seek your advice in fashion, advice to deal with your break-up woes and for his career too.

You are really lucky that you have him, girl!

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