Letter From A Sister To Her Long Distance Brother Who She Has Been Missing A Lot


Dear Brother,

Moving away from you didn’t come like a choice to me because I just had to do it.

Chasing my dreams and following my heart has always been the kind of thing that I have loved. And thanks to you because you have been my supporter as well as an inspiration. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have been so happy in my life because as they say, you always need a little support.

You know what I miss the most while being away from you?

It’s the fun that we used to have together. I know we were like fighters ready to kill each other all the time, but we also used to laugh on it together which was the best part. If anyone ever asks me that who am I the most comfortable with in this whole world, I’d say it’s you because you know every single thing of my life and I have never seen you judging me for any of it.

The worst thing about being at such a long distance from you is that I miss you. I mean, I have a great life and all but when I go back at home, I don’t have anyone with whom I can fight for the remote, bang on the head or ask to do my choirs in return of few chocolates. You remember how mom used to intervene in our fights and then regret that why did she even do that. It was so funny that she hated the fact that we make up to each other so easily.

Apart from the fun and fights, I really missing having you here and cribbing about the food or people at work with you. I still have a few crazy people at work and I am not able to explain to how weird they are. It sucks to be not able to share my stories with you and have a partner who can laugh on all of it with me. Now, that we are living at such a long distance, all I want to say that our bond is still strong and I know that every time we will meet, it will be just like the good old days.


With Love,

Your long distance sister!

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