10 Days Before The Release Of MANJHI, The Film Was Leaked All Over The Net


Manjhi has leaked all over the internet before the release that will definitely a big loss to the movie. But the bigger films can absorb the unusual loss but for smaller films it is much harder to revert back the actual amount implemented on the film.

After the trailer of Nawazuddin Siddiqui starrer Manjhi, which went viral on social media last month made viewer’s curious and eager to watch the whole movie because of the few minute trailer have felt viewer’s an instant Goosebumps that generates the eagerness to watch the movie.

Cine buffs that were waiting for the release and got shocked with news of getting leaked before ten days of the release. The movie was leaked online this Sunday I.e 9th august that was only ten days ahead of its official release for everyone who were with affirmative action to watch the movie.

This the third time when a film’s copy sent to the CBFC that has been leaked in the last few months or days before the release. Nobody knows the exact stage from where it has been leaked but cinemas agree that the film is going to suffer now and will revenue loss as a big result of the movie.

Team Manjhi is disappointed and upset with the news of leak and said “NO COMMENTS”.

On twitter many tags aware Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte about the leak, while few of them tagged them and tweeted that they have downloaded the film and already watched it.

The director of the film ketan Mehta said: “it is a very sensitive issue, it won’t be appropriate for me to comment on it. It’s very sad, but I can’t comment, please Viacom18 Motion Pictures who can give a statement on the issue.” Calling it a legal issue, even Viacom officials refused to talk about it.

Delhi-based distributor “Joginder Mahajan”, said there is nothing new after movie get leaked. After the release of a film, either on the same day or a day later, the film is available online. It’s everywhere –on CDs, on websites and the number of downloads will tell you how popular this medium is. We are really surprised to know that the preview copy of the film is available on several torrent sites in good print.

These films target a niche audience and those people who haven’t downloaded the online version of a film; instead they will watch the film in multiplex, so as they are hoping that it is not going to be a huge revenue loss.

A multiplex official said “The prints of Bajrangi Bhaijaan were also leaked online,however that case was different … the chances are high that films like Massan or Manjhi will be downloaded more. And 10 days advance leak is just bizzare ”.

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