6 Things You Should Never Say To Your Mom When She Is Angry

When moms get angry

When moms get angry, it’s not an easy thing to deal with.

Well, they work so hard all day and they think so much about us and amongst all that tension, when we do something silly, it’s obvious for her to get mad. While her being angry is justified, you saying a few things at that time doesn’t make much sense. To make sure that your mom doesn’t get angrier than she already is, you have to hold your horses. For that, just take note of these 6 things that you should never say to your mom when she is angry.

When moms get angry –

  1. I didn’t do anything wrong.

Really? After doing something that stupid that has already made your mom angry, you shouldn’t be lying in the first place. Accept what you have done rather than justifying your action for nothing.

  1. I don’t know.

While she is asking you questions about why and how you did it, you are trying to tell her that you have no clue of what happened. If nothing else, this is really not an answer to give at that point of time.

  1. Why do you always get so angry.

Getting angry on you isn’t her hobby. It is something that you’ve done which has caused a reaction. So, instead of blaming her for getting angry, take responsibility of whatever it is that you did.

  1. I don’t want to talk about it.

When mom gets angry, you don’t have an option between talking or staying quiet. You have to talk about the issue as long as your mom wants to because her anger isn’t going to cool down until you do.

  1. It’s not a big deal.

Your mom knows best and when you say it’s not a big deal, you’re just making her angrier. Instead of arguing with her, you can just simply apologize, would you?

  1. Let it go, Mom!

First, you did something wrong that made her angry and then you’re asking her to let it go. Why do you think she will do that, huh?

When moms get angry, don’t say anything above mentioned.  So, next time your mom is angry, keep yourself away from these above mentioned words.

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