Anushka Sharma A Distraction: Talks About The Primitive Mindset OF India

Anushka Sharma

Behind every successful man there is a woman but what if that successful man experiences a low in his career…is it the woman’s fault?

We tend to point fingers at someone’s love interest and do not even think before making a filthy comment. Ever since Virat Kohli blew a kiss to Anushka Sharma, their love life has been a big topic of discussion.

Of course people are intrigued to see more such magical moments. As long as the gossip columns talk about their relationship and keep the guesswork drama, well it is all a part of entertainment news.

But it turns murky when the relationship is linked to one’s profession.

“It is primitive to call me a distraction”, said Anushka Sharma in a recent interview.

Seriously it is so baffling to understand that how an actress is responsible for someone’s performance on the field. If Virat is under performing then blame the player, his coach or the team. How is Anushka’s name even popping with respect to his performance? Is she his coach?

If Anushka acts badly on-screen (that reminds me her movie NH10 is releasing tomorrow and I can’t wait to watch it) would Virat be held responsible?

Both are completely different professions and their professional career has got nothing to do with the relationship they share with each other.

What does the BCCI expect of players? The cricketers shouldn’t have a personal life?

Every player should ideally have no families, no friends and no attachments if you see the weird logic of girlfriends being distractions.

In India where families and bonds are considered as the biggest strength it is sad to see how a bond easily gets termed as a mere distraction.

The legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also had a love marriage. Relation is a personal affair and to come up with dirty remarks and tags based on mere speculations for the same depicts simply a very sad state of the country.

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