How To Sneak Out When Your Girlfriend Catches You Lying

when girlfriend catches you lying

When girlfriend catches you lying – When two people are in love, there must be no space for lying.

But sometimes because of the circumstances, you have to lie to your partner and that become pretty ugly if they catch your lie. So, what will you do if your girlfriend catches you lying? No, don’t just give up or let her say whatever she wants and then fight over petty issues. Rather, take a smart turn and do a few things that will make her forget that you even lied.

Here, we have some tips for you if you want to seek out when girlfriend catches you lying.

When girlfriend catches you lying

  1. Change the topic with something more interesting.

If she has caught you lying about a small thing and there’s something bigger you have to tell her that you haven’t, then this the right time. Pick out any topic and bombard the information on her so that she forgets the other topic. No, don’t propose her for marriage, please.

  1. Compliment her

Well, girls love compliment and when you put it in the right way at the right time, it becomes even better. So, when she doubts that you’re lying, tell her you would never do this to her because of what a wonderful person she is. Trust me, she will fall for it.

  1. Give a broad smile

It’s not only you who forgets everything by looking at your girlfriends smile, it’s her too. Just give a broad smile when she questions you and make a cute face. To be honest, every girl falls for that.

  1. Make an excuse

Although lying about lying is not a good thing to do, but you have to do it for the sake of your relationship and peace. So, if you have a good excuse in mind that can save you from the wrath of your girlfriend’s anger, let it out.

  1. Blame it on someone else

One of the best things to do in such a situation to save your ass is by blaming it on someone else. Tell your girlfriend that your friend asked you to not tell her anything and I am sure your friend will happily take the blame.

Now that you know how to sneak out when girlfriend catches you lying, try not to lie because you would never want to be in this situation, right?

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