5 Sentences I Want To Say When Anyone Asks Me “Shaadi Kab Karoge”

Shaadi Kab Karoge

Most of us who are at the age of getting married, women who may have just crossed 25 years and are independent has to hear this sentence very often. Shaadi kab karoge.

Therefore at the back of your mind, there are several replies waiting to be uttered whenever you get the chance to outburst.

Few of the replies which are ironical and effective enough to stop your elders to prompt you on your marriage and the reason of delay in marriage decisions.

 Aunty at home…..

A few days back while surrounded with my friends discussing several matters and aspects of my life as well as my priorities one of my friends said: “You are very expensive to maintain”.

Finally, my aunt was at home last Sunday, while she asked me Shaadi Kab Karoge ?

And my reply was “I am very expensive and so didn’t yet get the person who can maintain me”

Shaadi Kab Karoge

At my cousin’s marriage….

Recently I was at my cousin’s wedding in my hometown. My cousins 5 years than me and she was just 22 years old. Her parents still find her lucky that she still got married, though she was getting married late.

Few of my aunts and uncles were upset while looking at me and one of them could not take a control over their curiosity and said Shaadi kab karoge?

And I said “Shaadi ki umar nikal gayi auntyji. Ab shaadi nahi ho sakti meri”

Shaadi Kab Karoge

Desh aur duniya chhodh ke bhaag gaye!

Again your neighbour aunty joins you for a cup of tea in the Saturday evening, asking “Shaadi Kab Karoge”

Once again answer for all those craps I answered. Sorry, Aunty! I had two marriage proposals one by my parents who ran way leaving this country and other one I selected but my bad luck left the world after all I am Manglik. And I am scared now, one more I choose where he will run? Sigh.

Astronaut husband required for romance in life!

When someone asks you “ Shaadi kab karoge ”? And inspires you with their lovely thoughts he will bring down the stars for you or he will love you to the moon and earth. Or don’t you need someone who will bring down the moon for you with the stars?

Actually, after hearing these romantic words it make me feel like saying that I don’t have any astronaut boyfriend who can bring the stars and moon for me nor I am Kalpana Chawla.

Grandchild for my parents.

When your parents ask you to marry as they want to play with their grandchildren. They ask you “ Shaadi kab karoge ”? They want me to go through the same stages that they have gone, sometimes it is difficult to marry thinking about the might be the upcoming scenario.

So, I said “you want grandchildren no problem it isn’t necessary to get married to have a grandchild simply I will adopt one child and rest you look after your grandchild”.

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