Work On These 5 Simple Tips On How To Get A Flat Tummy

How to get flat tummy – You’ve eaten pizzas, burgers, ice-creams, pancakes etc on a busy weekend and plus add to that, some alcohol as well.

You’ve eaten pizzas, burgers, ice-creams, pancakes etc on a busy weekend and plus add to that, some alcohol as well.

And then, when you hop onto your favourite jeans and if they don’t fit it; well that’s a major worry!

That’s because the bulging tummy has taken a toll and its more round than football.

Watching Shahrukh Khan and his 8-pack abs makes US believe a bit more but that’s when the hopes crash! Gym, diet etc. are some of the many things that include maintaining the tummy.

But in this busy lifestyle and long hours of work, is it possible to maintain that abs? Well, to get a flatter stomach without doing endless sit-ups or crunches is a reality! Thus not hitting the gym or a walk in the park is not necessary to flatten the tummy but some changes to your lifestyle, could help flatten your tummy.

Extra flat around the tummy, known as visceral fat, is located deep around vital abdominal organs and dynamically increases on the hormones and internal chemicals affecting our health. Thus, it becomes ever more important to lessen those fats and grow a good, flatter tummy. Moreover, impressing the women adds to the extra points as well. Here’s how you do it:

1. Lesser your stress
Work, meetings, deadlines leaves affects your minds and in turn, causes stress. This stress produces cortisol, the fight-or-flight hormones that builds up extra fat storage in the abdomen rather than make you feel active or relax. How to cure: Dwell into activities like yoga or deep breathing that can help reduce stress and cut anxiety.


2. Bring in more sleep
The hormone, Cortisol receives more power when there’s no proper sleep in place. The fat percentage increases when you are sleep-deprived, when you are tired and craving energy. That’s when cortisol turns evil and makes you feel hungry and craving for food arises. How to cure: To avoid excess fat, at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night is compulsory.


3. Consume foods that contain probiotics
Just as cortisol gets you craving for food, try fighting that and go for foods that contain probiotics aka live “good” bacteria, that can help reduce belly bloat caused by a surplus of ‘bad’ fats in your gut.
How to cure: Add foods like yogurt that are good probiotics and can give your body the right dose of energy.


4. Say no-no to those fat-rich beverages
Don’t want a beer belly? We understand. Then the best thing to do that is avoid alcohol at any cost. Instead of beer or other forms of alcohol, try on a cuppa of coffee or a can of soda. Also, try and avoid those carbonated drinks or sports drinks which can cause belly bloating and leads to gas in the tummy. How to cure: Best option is try drinking water.


5. Stay away from salt
Well, salt is a must in your foods and other basic necessities but do you know that it causes gastrointestinal uneasiness and excessive bloating as well! How to cure: Avoid pre-packaged foodstuffs or high on sodium consumables.



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