What’s Wrong With LGBT Culture?

LGBT Culture

LGBT Culture – While the whole world is struggling for peace, fighting against the corruption and poverty, the silence over the violence and injustice to the LGBT is still practiced.

What’s wrong with LGBT culture?

We all have right to live, to breathe in freedom and aspire beauty of life, then who we are to chain a natural phenomenon, stating it as dysfunction. Limiting us to an approach of seeking only perfection and disowning the reality is what we have been doing since long. But if it’s so then how come a parent accepts a child with disability and not one who just prefer to love someone, not accepted by the society. Ironically they are termed as ‘special’ while the later are deprived of their rights.

To understand it better, here are some basic requisites to lead a cheerful life. All you have to do is, imagine a life without them;

LGBT Culture –


To earn respect one burn their sweat and toil. As it is believed lost money can be compensated with the new but once deteriorated respect can’t be build up. The third gender also treated as untouchables, source of entertainment and thus considered as a trivial member of the society.

LGBT Culture


Love has changed the world and brought peace amongst us. How would be the life if you’re deprived of it? How would you survive if the source of your happiness, your friends and family disregards you for who you are?

Indubitably, if you’ve never served with the love you deserve, your personality lacks the essence of tenderness and care towards others.

LGBT Culture


You’re lucky when someone has your back. Their concern for you helps you to do great and in contrast, you often feel down in mouth when having nobody in the the vicinity of your heart. We all love to be pampered, to care and thus when we seek it as a source of support whenever we are broken.


Circumstances mend you, in a way that might drastically change your perception towards the society and people you care about. You may not enjoy bluff but eventually, when accused of it, you fit yourself according to the glasses on their eyes. If trust can make you feel content the pricking thought of betrayal may awake your demons as well.

A mutual trust is the foundation-stone of any healthy relationship, be it of mother, father, siblings, friends or any other left to be mentioned. You can’t expect to trust when you’re never trusted.

LGBT Culture

LGBT Culture – There is nothing to feel pity for those who’re happy the way they are, you have to accept them not as someone queer to your world but one holding an an equal share of it. Ignorance is something worst you can do after hatred. Thus to provoke any form nuisance against them is not an an aa crime against a community but against the mankind. So before raising questions about their existence and their role in the development of the society, prepare yourself with the answer to the question of your being human.

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