Girls Are You Experiencing These Weird Emotions In Your Relationship?

Weird emotions in relationship

Weird emotions in relationship – Falling in love is easy but staying in love is one of the most difficult things to do.

Well, I am also not saying that you have to claim of staying in love with someone even if you’re not because in that matter it’s the worst thing you’ll ever do. At times you yourself don’t know that it’s time to move on in a relationship because that gets covered up with the feeling of guilt, mere strings of attachment or anything else of that sort.

So, here we have some points which are enough to prove that you’re no longer in love with your man!

Weird emotions in relationship –

  1. Replacement: Chances are that replacement feelings come all by themself without your purpose instincts. In this phase other things like work etc. start covering up your thoughts and start replacing the so called love of your life. You man not being part of your imaginations and dreams doesn’t bother you at all, you rather feel good about it.
  2. Nothing Special: The special elements of your relationships go mysteriously missing and you don’t care. You’re too tired, disinterested or done to recreate that special aura between you two. The days you spend with them are no more special to you and go by just like the usual ones.
  3. Missing: You don’t miss spending time with your partner anymore. Going out with them, and other things that you used to do are no more special to you. You don’t miss them, you don’t miss anything about them which is a clear proof that things between you are fading.
  4. Bored: You might not like to accept it but you start getting bored with them. The time which used to fly seeming seconds feel like years now and is getting too boring to tolerate. Yes, you’ve started getting bored of them.
  5. Unhappiness: Your happiness has gone away; the special type of happiness that you experienced when with them is no longer there. You have become somewhat emotionally poker for your partners and especially the happy part.
  6. Careless: You don’t care about them anymore and even if you do then, it’s not straight from your heart, rather it is structured. At one point of time you think about leaving them and don’t feel a lump in your throat.

Weird emotions in relationship – These are 6 of the most obvious signs that you are emotionally done with your man. The reason might be any, the charm has gone!

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