Boys, Here are 10 Sure Shot Ways To Win An Argument With Your Girlfriend!


Dear men, have you tried everything, but failed at winning an argument or shall we say any argument with women?

Are you distressed at the thought of next argument brewing up somewhere in her mind ready to blow off?

Are you trying out everything in the book or outside the book of rules to find some way to win, at least once in this lifetime, an argument with your partner?

If the answer to above questions is a clear yes, then do not worry! We have found a few novel ways to help you regain the ground you have been bitterly losing since the beginning of time!

Here are the things to do or ways to follow when in an argument with your girlfriend:

1) Topic Change

As soon as she starts blowing heat, try to change the topic with a superfluous subject like what happened at work or how one of your friend did something funny etc. it just might make her go off balance and might just cool off things! But be careful, if she gets more furious, bring her back to current topic and don’t let her talk about past issues unrelated to current point of disagreement!

2) Relax- NO!

Never ask a girl who is super angry to relax! The moment you utter the word, a thousand volcanoes will burst simultaneously! Just listen to her and instead try to compliment her with as much genuineness and sincerity you can! Not the usual you’re pretty kinds, but something specific based on how much you know her. Watch her calm down!

3) Don’t blame her

No blame games Mister! If she is blaming you for something, it doesn’t mean you have to blame her for her mistakes. Instead, act mature, and try to talk things out without her feeling that you are making her look wrong in the current situation.

4) Agree, but don’t agree!

Sounds complicated? In other words, agree to disagree. Just tell her simply that since you both are adults, you guys can agree to disagree on something tricky out there. If you have a rational girlfriend, she might understand your point of view!

5) Laughter

Oh no, don’t laugh at her, but make her laugh. You know what tickles her funny bone, hit it hard. Laughter makes one let go of high defences and if played your cards correctly, even in the middle of the most hyper argument, you can make your partner laugh.

6) Talk softly

No matter how loud she is shouting, if you talk soft and keep your volume under control, she will come around and soon the argument will convert into a debate. Mind you guys, debates can be won!

7) Don’t lose temper

No matter if she is wrong or how trivial the matter is that is blown out of proportion, decide that you won’t get angry or lose your temper. If you stay calm and composed, she will eventually come around and get tired of her own anger! Once she is calm and has given up, put your point across!

8) Do something wild

Here you have to bring out your creative best! In the middle of a heavy duty argument, do something unusual, out of character. Like sing her favourite song or help her do the dishes. Just something that you don’t do usually and her mind will be diverted. That’s when you can get her to talk sensibly and put your point across.

9) End in bed

Yes, the best thing is to end it with love, warmth and compassion. Make sure you make the move to bring her to love from the point of anger and hatred! It is not easy, but since you know her intimately, you will know her trigger points, use them wisely!

10) Don’t start the argument

It is easier said than done, but here is the secret. If you have accidently initiated a topic that’s going to get her angry, drop it like hot potato and jump to something else. If there is something that has suddenly ignited her anger, politely ask for more time to think about it so you guys can discuss it later! She would have to agree and there won’t be any argument to begin with!

Hope you guys win some points! If there are more ways you have discovered, share with us! Surely many men are looking for a guiding force!

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