How To Impress Someone In 140 Characters?

Are you eyeing someone on Twitter since a while? Note these tips right away and try your luck…

Remember there was a time on web when a social media network called Orkut existed? Orkut had a short life because of tough competition it started facing. A large number of people migrated to a micro blogging site called Twitter.

Among all the social media networks today Twitter stands out in many ways. One main reason for this is that it calls for attention because you have to write it all in one go using only 140 characters. Isn’t it like a creative challenge sorts?

Popularity on Twitter completely revolves around how you use those 140 characters. Suddenly, in the world of love intelligence is becoming an attractive factor. There are many Twitter crush stories or dating episodes to even marriages cases that keep happening because of sexy impressions that people make using 140 characters.

So, if you are on Twitter since a while and find someone cute, note these tips right away and try your luck…

Be a smart stalker!


Stalking is an art; trust me. While you are on Twitter you need to be extra careful about your stalking acts. You cannot goof up with a random conversation. Take your time and observe the person carefully.

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