Why Deleting Your Social Media Presence Could Be A Big Mistake

We take a look at reasons why deleting your social media presence is not a good idea. Read on!

A friend of mine deleted her Facebook profile within two years of signing up on the website.

She said it was distracting. It was not long when she had joined the social networking giant. When I asked her if she misses being connected to the people she know, she admits that it’s been really difficult to cope up but then what she did was in her best interest.

Are social networking websites so addictive that the only way to get the addcition out, is to delete your account? And once you’ve called off your social exposure, does it really help you concentrate on the reason you did it for? We take a look at reasons why deleting your social media presence is not a good idea. Read on!

1. You lose out on your friends

There is a reason why these websites are called social networking websites. All those who wish to be socially active have a presence on the internet. If you’d been a hard core user, you alone would know how much have you segregated yourself from your social circle. So you might want to think twice before you decide to delete your profile.

2. You cannot promote your creativity

In this technology dependent, ultra modern age, it is important that you let the world know about your creativity via your social media presence. Not because you want to brag about your skills but because you aren’t really quite sure about how big a deal could fall into your luck and give you happiness and contentment for a lifetime. Now you know why your presence is important on the internet.

3. Expressing yourself is a tough task

Yet again comes technology into picture. Yet again you lose out on opportunities because you were missing from the debate. And yet again you’re left out on your favourite topics of discussion. When all of the youth population around the globe, is resorting to technological means to express themselves out in the open, you here are wondering if your presence on the social media website was useful enough.

4. Trend becomes alien to you

After you’ve deleted you account, what comes as a news to you, is nothing new. Believe it or not, even before the incidents reach the news agencies and newspapers, it reaches the public straight from the source of the incident via social networking websites. Don’t believe me? See for yourself. So to hook onto the latest trends and updates, it is imperative that you keep your social media presence alive.

5. You might end up depressed

Distracted earlier or not, it is quite possible that you might end up being depressed, having removed your account from social networking websites. I am sure, you need not be explained about the reason behind it.

They say, people join social media to socialize and remain updated about things going on around the world. Nevertheless, if you feel that it’s hampering your concentration or anything important in your life, you always have an option to deactivate it for as long as you think could take you to get out of it. In today’s date, deleting your media presence is like deleting your identity.

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