Emperors Who Ruled South in Indian History

Indian History

Indian History – South India has been the place with vast descendants of emperors, who inspired trading and constructions which are still seen in the heritage places.

Sometimes it is our curiosity that screws up our mind to know about the successors and their work is done for the prosperity of their empire.

Indian History emperors –

•    Pandyan Dynasty

In prehistoric periods the Pandyan dynasty ruled, this dynasty is mentioned in the greek and roman sources they ruled from Madurai.  The Pandyan dynasty is mentioned in “Sangam Literature”. Development of literature was seen in the 14th century, trade also developed during the same time while the Pandyas ruled in south India which was later succeeded by the Madurai Sultanate.

Indian History

•    Chola Dynasty

After the Pandyan dynasty Chola dynasty is one of the most successful rulers not only in the southern part but all over India. In 850CE they started ruling, the capital was Thanjavur, from here they began to rule. You will find the best construction during this period they were good builders that you see in Dravidian Temples Architecture.

Indian History

•    Chera Dynasty

One of the most prosperous age that history has seen under Chera dynasty, trading was main that brought revenue through exporting of spices, pearls and gems. In 12th century CE, they began to rule Tamil Nadu. Kerala and Tamil Nadu was the part which the Chera dynasty ruled and inspired foreign trading.

•    Satvahana Dynasty

Indian dynasty that is from Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh and Pathihan, Maharashtra. After the decline of the Mauryan dynasty, they rule over with peace and ruled for about 450 years, till 220 CE. Satvahana dynasty is the Hindu dynasty and therefore uplifted the culture of Hindus. Like other dynasties, trading was the main source of revenue, later they protected the huge part of South India form the foreign invaders.

•    Pallava Dynasty

South India was then ruled by the Pallava dynasty who ruled over Tamil Nadu and Southern part of India. In this rule, the famous architectural works on rocks cut temples are seen in Mahabalipuram, the shore temple. Later they conquered the Krishna river valley, this river is the fourth biggest river and slowly lead to the southern Andhra Pradesh.

•    Chalukya Dynasty

Chalukya dynasty started ruling after the Rashtrakuta dynasty declined, the Chalukya dynasty ruled from 973 – 1195 CE. They started ruling from Kaveri in the south to Gujarat in North.

The Gadag style of architecture was inspired by Kalyani Chalukyas.

Indian History

•    Reddy Dynasty

Prolaya Vema Reddy had established the Reddy Dynasty which was Andhra Pradesh, Kurnool and Anantapur Districts. You will find the two famous build forts by the Reddy Dynasty, one is at Kondapalli and another one is at Kondaveedu that is remarkable in the south Indian ancient history.

•    Kakatiyas Dynasty

In the 11th century, the Kakatiya dynasty began to rule after the decline of the Chalukya dynasty. The empire of victory extended from south India to Orissa and Chhattisgarh.

Indian History

These are Indian History emperors –  Prehistoric successors of south India, ruled for centuries, showing economic growth along with development in art and culture of South India.

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