Dirt And Dignity of Labour – Youngisthan’s An Yearlong Campaign for Clean India


Dirt is nothing or there is dirt in everything. This is eternal truth that nothing is extinct in this world. Everything just gets transformed. Like water evaporates and turns into cloud and comes back to earth as water in rain.

A piece of cloth used to make new dress is valuable till yesterday. While ironing it gets burnt and turns into part of dirt. Now nature would take its time to transform it into something else to make it useful again.

This is the cycle of nature running for centuries. There is no end of dirt inside the human body. One can spend whole life in purifying oneself still there is dirt in the body. At the end the remains are called body. Even close relatives become restless to cremate earliest possible.

True! Dirty things have to be disposed off as early as possible.

The question is who would do this difficult task. Who is helping us to get rid of dirt which comes around us.

The division of labour has decided various roles for different categories of people of society. There are people who do this dirty work for us to keep our space clean. This is the most sacred task yet they are standing at the lowest pedestal of social structures.

Just imagine for one second that without these people who Clean our space, how our world would have looked.

Just pile of garbage and dirt.

Even after so much cleaning procedures, still there is unending dirt and garbage.

The only reason is that we are creating too much waste material around. And we do not contribute to cleaning process as much as we should. And we do not pay due attention and respect to those who are doing cleaning work for us.

The first condition for the success of Clean India movement is that we accept the principle of dignity of labour in principle and spirit.

Every wise person knows that our body is meant for manual work too. To contribute in cleaning our space around wound keep us healthy for sure. This would be followed by next generation too. Keeping our own space clean or get it cleaned becomes sacred task in the eyes of those who know the significance of dignity of labour.

Anyone who clears dirt can never be someone to be victim of hatred.

This is the sacred duty of every citizen to recognise the contribution of those who are working hard to keep our space clean. They must be respected the most. This would be major contribution to the Yearlong Campaign for Clean India.

We shall talk about use of modern technology and essential equipment required in the process next week.

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