F**K Buddies : When Strings Get Attached!

Friends For Benefits – Few relationships that start with a pure friendship end up complicated. The new generation seems to be accepting this new trend of ‘œFriends with Benefits’.

Few relationships that start with a pure friendship end up complicated.

The new generation seems to be accepting this new trend of “Friends with Benefits”. People have their own “arrangements” with a friend, who is usually commitment-phobic but at the same time wants to experience the feeling of love.

Such relation then take the shape of two people sharing a bond just for a reason that society wouldn’t accept as being normal.

In today’s hook-up culture, these things have gone very common and people have no emotional strings attached to them.

For a few fortunate friends like these, the bell rings at the right moment and they end up in a serious relationship. However, at times, this unusual relationship may face some hard challenges when one out of the two people, one gets emotionally attached to the other.

So, basically what are the usual consequences of having such a relationship?

Friendship at stake

The situation goes really confusing and complicated when you get emotionally attached to your friend with benefits. It’s not only girls every time but boys also tend to indulge into some genuine feelings in such kind of relationships. In such a situation, friendship between two people is at stake and either of the two may go into a difficult phase because the things have changed forever.



Hurtful experience

The consequences of such a situation in this kind of relationship goes pretty hurtful for people and a person might end up feeling shitty about him or herself. For people who started on a very lighter note being friends for benefits and to escape from the complexities of a usual relationship, might get into a much problematic situation, even worse than that of a serious relationship.



Self-esteem questioned

What about the feelings of a person who eventually went serious and started loving the so-called friend? The other person might not have such feelings and things might not bother them at all because for them it was a simple give and take relationship with no prior expectation.  At this point of time, the person who got serious might question his or her self-esteem all by themselves. For many, this mutually-benefitting relationship is just like an emotion they want to express. The more time you spend with your partner, the harder it becomes to get detached from him/her.


People at times do dump their partners when they finally find a person to whom they can genuinely commit and have a serious and emotional relationship.

So people, you should be solely aware of what you are getting into. It is easy to have a relationship for pleasure but it goes really heavy at heart when emotional attachments are added. To make things comfortable and stop them from being worse, it is advised to leave them as it is and avoiding any further complications or hurtful feelings.

Warning: Being a fuck buddy with a stranger, it is very important to be aware of the sexual health and proper precautions are to be used. After all, the person you are with is a stranger and your health in such situations should be on priority and you must be completely aware of STDs.

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