These Are 7 Types Of HUGS Given By A Person And This Is What It Indicates!

Types Of Hugs

Types Of Hugs  – Hugging someone is too common nowadays. We all hug our buddies when we meet them, right? You know, it’s a basic thing to do. That’s how we generally display our affection towards the person we are hugging. Even in relationships, “warm hugs” is quite popular and is widely discussed. Hugs are like medicines given to people who are lonely etc. In short, hugging someone is very common.

But, I hope that you’ve noticed that there are types of hugs. You know, the warm hug is there, but there are other types of hugs that exist too. Have you ever wondered about what do they indicate?

If you haven’t, then this article will help you get an answer to it. Here I’m not talking about the high level physical hug, but some other types of hugs that define a relationship differently. Here we go –

  1. Warm Hug

Warm hugs are pretty common, and it means that a person is extremely happy to have you in their life. It means that they feel safe in your arms, and they believe that you’re trust-worthy too.

Warm hugs are just the best hugs that can make a person smile immediately.

  1. The sleepy hug

You know the type of hugs where mostly girls sleep or rest on your chest. Remember? It is a cute kinda hug that indicates you’re the one she blindly trust in her LIFE.

Types Of Hugs

  1. The one-armed hug

This is a hug given by a person who is simply not comfortable giving a full hug. One-armed hugs are quite awkward, and it indicates that the person is simply not into hugging properly or is someone who doesn’t share a great bond with the opposite person.

  1. The cuddly hug

This one is quite popular in between couples. Cuddly hug indicates that the couples are in awe with each-other. They’re truly and deeply in love with each other. Cuddly hugs are given when you completely adore the opposite person in a relationship.

Types Of Hugs

  1. Unreciprocated hug

I hate it!! This kind of hug is kinda insulting. In this hug, suppose you’re the one who hugs the opposite person and they are just standing right there without hugging you back. This type of hug indicates that the opposite person is not interested to give you a hug or is simply not in a mood.

Types Of Hugs

  1. The quick hug

This type of hug is also very popular and it is cute/not cute at the same time. In this hug, a person who is hugging will not properly hug. They will just quickly hug you and will go back to do some other important thing.

This hug indicates that the person who is quickly hugging you cares about you, but there’s something important that’s going on in their mind.

Types Of Hugs

  1. The bear hug

The type of hug you give someone who you met after a very long time. It indicates that you’re so damn happy to see you in front of you and that you missed them a lot. It is also a hug where one person ends up lifting the other one. Cute, isn’t it?

Types Of Hugs


This was all about the types of hugs given by a person and it’s meanings.

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