Why Sex Is Crude And Making Love is Cool!

Making Love

Making Love – Welcome to a world where uttering the three-letter word ‘sex’ indicates that you’re crude.

You probably have no emotions and are simply lusting after somebody. But when you replace those letters with these magical words ‘making love’, you’re suddenly the most sensitive and caring person in the world.

If you’re trying to get laid, err… get intimate with somebody, using ‘making love’ will guarantee you hot loving than plain old ‘sex’. Because it’s a word we all dread. Despite the meaning and act being the same, there’s something very emotionless and mechanical about the latter. Don’t you feel? While it may not be that common for us to even say ‘making love’ that often, westerners have a range of words for the same act, depending upon the situation and person. Well, how many times have you heard people use f***, screw and bang in casual sentences? Do these words take away the joy and satisfaction of the act? Does ‘making love’ magically turn the charade into something pretty? Hell, no. It’s essentially the same thing, only packaged with a better wrapping.

If selling your product is of utmost priority to you, you have got to present it in such a way that it finds customers. What’s the point of having the product, but being able to sell? But does presenting it in a different way make the product any better? We would never know. But the success rate of landing in somebody’s pants is higher if you go the cool way rather than the crude one. Especially, with somebody you love. If you have feelings for them, ‘doing’ them so not the word to use. It’s simply indecent and shows that you have zero feelings. Even though you have all the right feelings for them. Ouch, eh?

May be this concept is the offshoot of the primal difference between men and women. While women are known to be emotional and sensitive, men are supposed to be practical and cold. Perhaps that’s why the male species doesn’t take it to heart when women ask to be hammered. The fairer sex, on the hand, can be put off by such ‘profane’ words. They want to be respected as much as loved, so any word that goes against that is a strict no-no. Hear, guys?

We don’t know if sugaring the pill is ever an option, but if he/she associates a certain word with a certain act, so be it. Let’s not get all judgmental.

Do let us know what your thoughts on this are…

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