5 Things A Girl Going On A Date Must Have In Her Purse

Things to keep in purse while going on a date

Things to keep in purse while going on a date – Going on a date is always one of the most exciting things to do in life.

We keep deciding everything hours before we have to go out, from the dress that we are going to wear to the sandals that will be most suitable. We even think for hours for the right perfume, accessories, lip shade, nail paint and what not because we want the date to be perfect.

But amidst all that confusion, we usually forget to stock up our hand bag with the things that will be most useful while you head to a date.

And if you are one of those who haven’t thought about things to keep in purse while going on a date, here is the list for you to check.

Things to keep in purse while going on a date –

  1. Just a lip shade

Usually while going for a date, all girls stock up their hand bag with make-up products to do the touch up in between. Trust me, you don’t need to. Once you have kept your make-up on point while leaving home, you would just need your lipstick in bag because you might lose it while eating. Other than that, you don’t need to bother about anything.

  1. Sanitizer

There might come a moment when you need to wash your hands and leaving the table won’t be the right option. To make sure that you come out as a pretty hygienic person, you must have a sanitizer and use it when it is needed.

  1. Lose cash

Yes, the guy usually pays on a date but at times, credit or debit cards might be a problem. You may need cash and letting the guy run here and there for cash is a bad idea. You can help him with the cash and if he insists on returning, just tell him not to because it’s totally fine. Apart from that, you can also pay for the dessert or coffee that you might go to have after date.

  1. Mouth freshener

Right before you will reach to the destination where your date is finalized at, it is a great option to use a mouth freshener. It keeps you freshened up and sometimes, it just takes away a bit of tension too.

  1. A pepper spray

Well, if that’s a date you found online, or he is a complete stranger to you, then it is never a bad idea to stay protected. Keeping a pepper spray in bag is just a defensive measure and it won’t harm anyone too.

These are the things to keep in purse while going on a date – Keeping all these things in your purse while going on a date is not mandatory, but it is the most helpful thing. You can stay tension free about having a perfect date once you have all of it in your bag.


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