5 Things That Girls Think About You In Bed

Things That Girls Think About You In Bed

Things that girls think about you in bed – It’s impossible for a guy to figure out what a girl is thinking of and when it comes to her thoughts in bed, it’s a different task altogether.

Figuring out her thoughts in bed is not an easy thing to do and you have to be Barney Stinson to know all that. Be that as it may, you can still know a few things that girls like to think in bed and we have all of them in line for you.

So, take a note as here are 5 things that girls think about you in bed.

Things that girls think about you in bed –

  1. Why is he so hot?

No matter how you look in real life, girls like to see your hotter side in bed and that’s what they really focus on. She craves for your body and she knows that you’ve got the potential of being one hot boyfriend in bed.

  1. Does he know what I want?

While I am sure you have figured out what your girl is looking for in bed, she is still wondering about the same. She keeps thinking if you are aware of her needs and desires and if you will be able to give it to her.

  1. I can have him in every corner.

Yeah, that happens. Once she is in bed, she is all into you and that means she is ready to various stuffs. Even something as crazy as having sex in different parts of your house, yeah, she is ready for that too.

  1. He is the best I’ve had.

Don’t feel proud of yourself, it’s just her lust and love that is talking inside her head. Being there in bed with you, she gets a feeling automatically that you’re the best she has. Maybe, that’s true too, huh?

  1. Can we stay like this forever.

While some girls say that in front of you when the moment is too intimate, others just keep it in their head. She gets a feeling of staying just like that with you forever and there’s nothing that can take away that thought from her mind.

These are the 5 things that mostly girls think about you in bed, you can check the rest with your girlfriend.

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