Avoid Saying These Seven Things To A Girl Who Is Least Interested In Love

Things not to say to a single woman

“Things not to say to a single woman”

Girls who are least interested in love are cheerful too-Note that line

In this world full of dreamy people; there are many who decide to stay single and happy. In short, many girls who are least interested in love also know how to enjoy their life to the fullest.

C’mon! We all believe dating and marriage is everyone’s personal choice and so is staying single.

People in love are not the only ones who hear others talking about their life but the least interested ones also have their talkers to make their life sound meaningless.

Well, hoping you won’t be the next one. And, to do that keep in mind these things not to say to a single woman.

  1. Why are you STILL single

C’mon! It’s her choice and she can do whatever she wants. You know even a girl who is least interested in love has to put efforts to answer such dumb questions. If you’re the one asking this question then she might tell you the truth that “Dude! I’m least interested to date a guy and that’s it”. But, you know what; a pathetic person assumes that she might be a lesbian. (Too much)

  1. Why don’t you give a try to this one?

Really? A try? This one? It seems and sounds like there are numbers of men she already tried and they failed so certainly like a helper you’re asking her to try another one.

Wait! The least interested one’s hate such words. You need to understand one thing more- just because she isn’t trying doesn’t mean that she is crying. Got it?

  1. Ummm…Your life must be boring…

Hell No! A girl who is interested in love doesn’t mean that she is unhappy. There are several other relationships in her life that keeps her busy plus a girl can enjoy her moment in time perfectly.

  1. Hey, you must not be having any stress in your life…

Every single girl hope that was a true one but certainly it’s not. A romantic relationship is not everything my friend and there are other relationships too. And, trust me the work stress equals it all.

  1. Least interested is just an excuse…You must be too picky

If you think it’s an excuse good for you because the truth isn’t gonna change after all. And picky? C’mon! Being picky is not bad at all.

Think about it for yourself.

  1. It’s time you download an online dating app

Online dating apps might be great but they are not a big deal for a girl who is least interested in love. And, its time? Look such girls enjoy their own company and every time is just a wrong one for her.

  1. You’ve wasted a lot of time and now you need to date…

Many friends around say such things and it sounds like an insult. Understand- only because a girl is least interested in so-called love doesn’t mean she is wasting her time. And, obviously there’s no forceful dating for her.

These were the things not to say to a single woman. 

Any thoughts? Do comment below.

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